Heroes: “The Kindness of Strangers”

Sorry everyone for not posting this sooner. My life has been a mess and I apologize for not getting this up earlier.

Matt and Nathan
Nathan shaves and decides to see his kids, but then the teacher tells him he has to leave the premises. He then goes to see Angela, who has just confessed to Kaito’s murder. Matt does not believe her, and she says in her mind for him to drop it or none of them will be safe.

Matt confronts Nathan and tells him that he knows he can fly and that he too has powers. Matt shows Nathan the pictures of Kaito and Angela, Nathan recognizes the photo and finds Matt a full copy. All sorts of familiar faces on it: Angela, Kaito, Ned, Linderman, Arthur Petrelli, and a guy that Matt says is his father, Maury.

That night, Matt asks Molly to find his father. She tries to and then says that he is the nightmare man. Matt and Mohinder argue about using her again, and then she volunteers to find him. They find his place, it is in Philadelphia (all bad people live in Philly, everyone knows that)and then Molly screams that he is coming. She goes into shock, and Matt can her in his head screaming help.

Sylar runs into our new pals Maya, Alejandro, and Derek. They rescue an almost dead Sylar on the road and they talk to him. He sees Dr.Suresh’s book and tells them that he knows the man and he can take them to him. Maya thinks that Sylar is a great guy, a gift from god, and she asks his name. He looks at his broken watch and tells her Gabriel.

Later, at a rest stop, Derek notices a paper with the pictures of the two fugitives. He shows Sylar and wants to turn them in. Sylar follows Derek and grabs a brick. He then gets in the car and tells them that Derek wants to turn them in, but he wants to know the truth from them. Maya tells him the truth, and then starts crying. Her power kicks in and Sylar starts to die, but Alejandro turns it on and saves the day. Sylar can hear talks ticking away. He says he will help them, Dr.Suresh has helped many people. Later they show Derek dead with a wound to the head.

Claire and West go on another date, this time to the Hollywood sign. He says that she needs to trust him, and that she should just jump. When she does he swoops down and catches her.

He asks her what her story was to her dad, and she says about going to the library. That night, when she gets home, her dad wants to know where she was, and she says that she lied about the library, and instead she joined cheerleading.

When Mr.B goes outside, the Haitian meets up with him. He says he has a lead on the paintings and that they must go to Odessa, Ukraine. Mr.B says that he will come up with a good excuse.

Micah wakes up to a nice bucket of water from his cousin. At breakfast the annoying kid wants $65 to watch PPV Wrestling. Granny and Monica both say no, but then Micah tells him he can get it for him. That night he uses his powers to get the wrestling match.

Monica works at a fast food restaurant and she wants to become manager. She took the test, but her boss says she did get into the program. Apparently she has a power, since twice we see her copying something she saw on TV. Kind of like Echo from Daredevil.

Anyways, here are my questions for discussion:
1. Did Derek have a power? I think so, it sounded like when he and Sylar were talking that Sylar could hear the ticking again.
2. Is anyone else fascinated by the fact that the parents of our heroes, also had powers? But, it does not seem to be an automatic thing, since Simone did not seem to have powers, or did she? And if so, can Peter use them?

Okay, that’s it. I promise next week will be a better post.

2 thoughts on “Heroes: “The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. What i want to know is what the hell happened to nathan becoming congressman? I understand the whole getting drunk over losing your brother, but what the hell happened to winning the election, they don’t show how his family left him because weren’t they supposed to have this huge surprise with showing the world that his wife could walk again? I don’t know if i missed anything or not, but if you could fill me in boss that’d be great

  2. They have not touched on that yet, unless it was in the graphic novels, which were on the website, but will soon be out in paper form from DC comics i think.

    I am sure there will be an episode that fills us in on what happened the last few months.

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