Heroes: “The Line”

A little change of pace this week, instead of doing a long recap, I am just going to what I felt was the highlight of the show: the finding of the paintings and Peter teleporting.

The idea of someone with Peter’s powers having no memory and no idea how to use his abilities really excites me. Plus, the idea that he had this adventure and now must piece his way back to his life is really cool. Adam Monroe, who may be the bad guy out killing the oldschool folks, somehow connects with Peter.

Anyways, he and Caitlin teleport to the future, one year to be exact, and it is deserted. All around them are biohazard signs and pamphlets. Some kind of outbreak that wipes out NYC?

Which now brings us to the paintings. The images were kind of brief, but most of them were recognizable. Mohinder firing a gun, and the last one of Mr.B dead from a bullet. The question is, did he actually shoot Mr.B? Also, the painting of Peter behind bars with the biohazard symbol in the corner could point to some kind of outbreak (most likely due to the companies experimentation on the virus) which starts to kill regular people (remember, Mohinder warns against this) and the government starts rounding up people with powers since they are not affected.

Okay, just an odd theory. Anyone have any ideas what the Company is up to? Do they have a plan?

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  1. I don’t think Peter teleported – I think he’s having another vision like he did in the first season. It’s not Hiro’s power, it’s Mr. Deveaux’s power. Of course, I could be wrong.

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