Bearded Clams

No, this has nothing to do with vagina, although it would be much cooler, but instead with my hatred for shaving.

First let me just say that I think I look very good with a beard. Not a full Unabomber beard, but a nice few days growth beard. Unfortunately, where I work, beards are not permitted. It would definitely save me some money if I did not have to buy razors and shave every other day. I should probably shave everyday, but I like to push my bosses to the limits, that is me fighting the system.

I cannot understand the reason behind not allowing me to have a nice, trimmed beard. The above picture is an example of a beard that I should not grow. I can have a goatee, mustache, whatever, but if the entire face is covered, then I am in trouble.

I wonder, if I were to convert to Islam, could they tell me I was not allowed to grow a beard? Since Muslim men are supposed to grow a beard? Could I get fired for my religious beliefs? Probably, there is always a loophole. Maybe this is how I would look:

Yes, I finally put the pictures of my trip to Jordan and Egypt on my computer. Expect more pictures from those fun times.

12 thoughts on “Bearded Clams

  1. I like beards..i like facial hair, and I’ve never understood why some companies are against them ..
    shaving is a drag..that’s fo sho

  2. Tell me about it. I guess complaining about it though could lead to them saying no facial hair whatsoever. That would really suck because I look 14 without facial hair.

  3. I HATE shaving, which is why I only do it once a week, if that. A lot of weeks I just use clippers to keep it kiiinda short.

    I think it’s ridiculous when ya hafta be clean-shaved for a job – most jobs, anyway. One that comes to mind, just off the top of my head: a cook at Eat ‘n Park.

    But then again, a cook with a 5 o’clock shadow might hinder sales or lower restaurant morale (I hope you’re sensing the sarcasm, I’m layin it on pretty thick).

    D’ya ever notice old people always have something to say, though, when you’re not clean-shaved? (i.e. “Ahhhh, d’ja run out of razors?”)Another thing I’ve noticed: ya never see an old man with razor burn. Why is that?? Is it because they’ve been shaving daily for so long their skin has become as tough as leather?

    If I didn’t get razor burn, I still wouldn’t shave daily. I don’t even like the way my skin feels after shaving…

  4. Haven’t ya always had “scruff” ? And wasn’t that trip(s) a long time ago? or was that a different trip?

  5. Adam…yeah, old people have leather for skin, also they smell funny too.

    anonymous…umm, sometimes I do when I don’t have to work. Also, the trip was a few years ago, I just got around to putting the pictures on my computer. I am lazy.

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