Heroes: “Cautionary Tales”

This episode had three stories which were actually tied together by one person. Finally we are seeing how everything is coming together and unfortunately this stupid strike will delay things for us.

Hiro attends his father’s funeral, but decides to go back and save his father. He jumps back to the day when his dad gets murdered and watches the conversation between him and Angela. Once she leaves Hiro comes out and tells him that he is from the future and that Kaito will die that day.

Kaito accepts this as his fate and will not let Hiro save him. Hiro teleports him back in time to the day his mother died. He thinks that Kaito will remember what it means to lose someone, but instead has a conversation with his younger self and realizes that his father is ready to die and join his wife in the afterlife.

Hiro takes them both back and says goodbye to his father. The hooded man appears and knocks Kaito off the ledge. Hiro stops time and says that if cannot save his father he can at least learn the identity of the killer. He walks over to the ledge and a look of horror passes over him: the killer is Kensei, Adam Monroe.

Matt’s story is not nearly as long as the other two, but interesting nonetheless. He starts out by having breakfast with Molly and she wants to help him find the woman in the photograph, but Matt says no. When she tries to walk away, he uses his mind powers to make her finish her cereal.

Later that day, his boss says he must drop the Petrelli case or he will be fired. Matt places a thought in his head to give him 24 more hours, which the boss does. Matt then goes to question Angela one more time. As he goes into her mind and tells her to answer his questions she says that he is becoming worse than his father. He learns that the name of the woman in the photo is Victoria Platt.

He also learns that Adam is over 400 years old and that his power makes him not age. Adam wants revenge for those imprisoning him for 30 years.

The Bennett’s pack their things in order to move away again. Claire comes down in her cheerleading uniform and says that she has a pep-rally. Mr.B is furious with her and she storms out saying that she hates him.

At the same time Mohinder, Elle, and Bob are planning to capture Claire. Mohinder wants to talk to him, not hurt him. Mr.B decides to find West, he calls Mohinder and asks him to use Molly to find West. At that moment West grabs Mr.B and flies him into the air, they talk and finally land. Mr.B realizes that West is a good kid and that they both want to protect Claire.

Mohinder calls back with a location, which is obviously not where West is, since West is with Mr.B. Mr.B goes to the location and talks to Mohinder, who pulls a gun on Mr.B. Elle comes out and is about to zap Mr.B when West flies from behind her and slams into her knocking her out.

Bob shows up at Claire’s school and calls her by her real last name. She runs home, but then Bob shows up there. Mr.B returns home to find his wife tied up, he frees her and she says that Bob has Claire. West walks in carrying a tied up Elle.

Elle wakes up with her feet in a bucket of water and Mr.B spraying her with a sink hose. She does not think and tries to use power to break the chains holding her down. You would think someone with electricity based powers would know that standing in a bucket of water is not a good thing.

Bob calls Elle’s phone and Mr.B answers. He says he will trade daughters. He then tells Elle that Bob treated her like a lab rat and that is why he would never let them have Claire. Elle does not remember all the horrible tests they did on her.

Bob extracts Claire’s blood, who is actually willing to help out, and then takes her to the drop point. As Claire and Elle cross each other, they give a nasty looks. Or maybe they were looks of lust, I could only hope so…

West grabs Claire and flies her away, but Elle shoots them out of the sky. As they fall, Claire adjusts so they land on her. Mr.B shoots Elle in the arm and is about to shoot Bob when Mohinder shoots Mr.B in the face, fulfilling Isaac’s painting prophecy.

The show ends with the bag of Claire’s blood hooked up to someone’s arm, as they follow the arm up we see that it is Mr.B and when the blood kicks in his eyeball and skull start to regenerate. He sits up and says “Holy sh–” and then the to be continued screen pops up. I believe that was the same scene as when Claire fell on the stick and woke up in the morgue, she sat up and says holy sh– and it cut away, either to commercial or the next episode. Also, anyone else notice any symmetry between this episode and other episodes? Like the meeting between Mohinder and Mr.B? The first time they meet Mr.B is in the back of a cab using mysterious threats on Mohinder, and this time it’s reversed. Another thing I noticed, Claire says that she’s just a cheerleader, which is what she told Peter in the episode “Homecoming.”

Anyways those were some little things that I noticed. If you are wondering how Adam ties into the final story, well I do not think it’s hard to figure out. His powers and Claire’s powers. If the Company had him that long why not take his blood?

I read an interesting theory online that said Adam is the great-ancestor of all the characters. He’s been alive for 400 years, which is plenty of time to have lots of sex and lots of babies. Also, look at the choice of name, Adam…

Let me know what you think.

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  1. You’re right about the symmetry of things between the meetings of mohinder and mr. b. And that end of the episode was frickin awesome. I can’t wait to see claires reaction when he walks through the door…”holy sh–!”??? Also, i know that adam is out for revenge, but i think hiro’s dad was the only killing he had done himself…i think there’s another person involved, more than likely not the lady they showed during the that interview with mama petrelli. Also remember adam told hiro in ancient japan that he was going to destroy everything near and dear to him, now he’s acting on it…

  2. I like it when you include pictures of barely-dressed girls in your posts. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be embarrassing for me to be reading your blog at work and have someone walk past.

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