Heroes: “Four Months Ago”

This could have been the best episode ever, but much of it dealt with Niki and the family, which pretty much sucked. Instead of talking about them, I will just pretend they did not exist and discuss the coolness of Peter’s story.

The episode begins with Adam telling Peter who he is and that the Haitian must have erased his memories. Adam says that Peter can get them back by using Adam’s healing power. Once Peter tries to think about Nathan he starts to remember…

We flash back to Peter about to explode and Nathan flying him away. Before he blows, Peter tells Nathan to let him go, but the blast injures Nathan. Peter heals and swoops down and saves Nathan and rushes him to a hospital. Nathan is horribly burned.

Peter tries to slip away, but is hit by a bolt of electricity by Elle, who accompanies Bob. When Peter wakes up he is with the Company. Bob explains that they are trying to find a way to cure Peter so that he cannot hurt his family. Peter begins taking pills that suppress his powers.

Elle likes to come in and shock him and be kind of flirty, which let me be honest, was pretty hot. Peter talks to his neighboring cell mate, Adam Monroe. Adam tells him that they are prisoners and that the supposed cure has been in the works for over 3 decades.

After awhile, Peter realizes that Adam told him the truth about the facility being a prison. Peter stops taking his meds and helps Adam escape. They go to the hospital and Adam gives Nathan some of his blood. The blood immediately starts to cure Nathan.

Elle and the Haitian come for both of them, and Adam says they will rendezvous in Montreal. The Haitian catches Peter and blocks his powers, then he handcuffs him inside of the tanker. He gives Peter his necklace and erases his memories. The Haitian says he is helping Peter start over his life.

As the time catches back up, Peter says that he remembers everything. Adam asks him if he is ready to save the world…

Interesting. I would love to believe that over 400 years Adam has changed and really does want to save the world. I hope he has not just spent the next 400 years preparing himself to kill Hiro.

What did you guys think of the episode? Feel free to comment on other aspects of the show, like Niki and her next dumbass personality, or whatever else.

4 thoughts on “Heroes: “Four Months Ago”

  1. I agree, definitely an awesome episode. I don’t agree with “and be kind of flirty, which let me be honest, was pretty hot”, though. She was completely throwing herself at him. And PRETTY hot?

    I’ll stop there… well, sorta.

    Peter, as cool as he’s become in the show, is still an idiot for not taking better advantage of that whole situation. Ok, that’s where I’ll stop…

    …for now.

    Josh, Kristen Bell is a little older than you, that surprised me when I looked it up. She looks like she’s 21-22ish.

    Okay, away from the Kristen Bell/Peter, prisoner, dominatrix, never been kissed/virgin fantasy…

    …for now. haha

    I honestly didn’t see Adam being Kensei. I have no idea that’s gonna go either. Is he really trying to save the world? After 400 years, you’d think you’d change and become a better person, but who knows. Maybe he’s miserable. Maybe he’s missed Yaeko this whole time or has had hatred for Hiro. Maybe he just wishes he could die. It’s hard to tell. And what d’ya think about Bob saying Adam was the one behind Maury’s behavior/killings? Think he was lying or just flat-out wrong..? Do you think Kensei/Adam even realizes he’s in Hiro’s actual life-span at this point? Did Hiro ever tell him in ancient Japan what year he came from?

    West is a complete tool, I think. I’ve told you this, Josh, but for everyone else: a few episodes ago, when he picked Claire up and flew her around, I’s waiting for, “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid” and I can’t stop thinking about that now every time I see him. Josh, I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before, and I realized it a while ago, just never said anything, but it’s pretty weird Claire is dating a guy with the same ability her father has.

    Niki/Jessica having a third personality: awful, not exciting at all. And why did DL die when that guy shot? Shouldn’t the bullet have passed through him? Was he just not ready?? Or do you think that guy wasn’t just some random guy? But if he was just some random guy, who goes after a guy after throwing a punch which passes right through them like a ghost????? And who else thought it was weird at the viewing when Micah’s cousin asked to play with DL’s medal? What kid wants to play with a medal?? (“(shakes head and sighs) T-Mart!” -Chappelle reference, if anyone gets that, that’s what I’ve been calling that kid, not even sure why)

    The weird conversation Mrs. Petrelli has with Nathan’s ex… I’s wondering, have we ever found out what, if any, power(s) she has? What about Bob? (and no, not the Bill Murray movie, I’m sure someone would’ve made that joke) Does he have an ability? And also, was Elle calling Bob “daddy” when she was on the phone in Ireland a few episodes ago?

    Any predicitons on Hiro? when will he become badass, slicked-hair Hiro? You think he’ll try to save his dad and fail or mess something else up? (kinda like in The Butterfly Effect – “Ya can’t play god, son.”)

    I wonder at what point the Haitian gets sent back to Haiti, becomes sick or at least pretends to be, and is later visited by Suresh.. ?

    I’ll finish this by saying that I wish I was held captive for a couple months and was visited daily by a mega-horny Kristen Bell. Okay, that’s where I’ll stop!

    Or is it… ?

  2. Why is no one talking about the stupid Maya storyline? I mean, if my sister just killed my bride and her entire family on my wedding night, I might just be a wee bit miffed. Even if my wife just boned her ex. At the very least I could get back at her by nailing one of her bridesmaids. Oh well.

    And isn’t she supposed to be hot? I could’ve sworn Josh had a smokin pic of her up here a couple months ago. When are bro and sis gonna get sidetracked and have to pass under a waterfall or something?

    Concerning Peter and Adam, I’d rather Adam be good since I don’t think they have enough time to flesh him out as an evil being before this story arc ends. He can go nutso later. Perhaps when he meets up with present-Hiro.

    And Peter, I get that you want to be loyal to Caitlin and all, but chances are you’re never going to see her again. Really, its ok. Live a little. Give Kristen a little of the lightning rod she’s so itchin for. If Caitlin finds out tell her Gid said it was fine.

    DL already has been shot once before, so it’s clear he can be penetrated. His death reminded me of the agent dying on the roof in the first Matrix after Neo’s initial bullet dodge. But a lot gayer.

    And killing a guy because his wife is an uber slut and he just wants to take her home? Pretty lame.

  3. Adam…yes, she was very hot. In the words of T-Bone “I would do things to her I wouldn’t do to farm animals.”

    I do not remember if Hiro mentioned what year he came from. I hope that Adam thinks his methods will save the world (really he thought controlling half of Japan would save Japan as opposed to White Beard controlling all of Japan.) Maybe his heart is in the right place, but his methods are a little off…

    They chicks like to date guys that remind them of their fathers…weird

    Haha, yeah I would never ask someone if I could play with their medal. What the hell would you do with it? I might ask if I could see it, but that’s about it.

    I do not believe Nathan’s ex has powers, but Angela does, although we have not learned what they are yet. Nor have we witnesses Peter use them.

    Bob does have powers. Remember when Mohinder asked him where the Company gets the money for everything, Bob touches something and it turns into gold. That’s why some people call him Midas. I wonder if his power is transmutation, or if it’s just gold. Or if the gold is just the limit his own mind has put on his power. Maury told Matt that their power could expand and become used better. Well it seems to make sense that so could Bob’s…okay, sorry, I am thinking about Atom Eve in Invincible, and she can rearrange atoms, and pretty much do anything. She gave up being a superhero to move to Africa and provide food for starving villages.

    Elle called someone Daddy, and we are lead to believe that she refers to Bob. Maybe after she killed her grandparents, Bob found her and raised her, and she just calls him that. Or maybe it’s his actual daughter, who knows. No really, does anyone know?

    Yes, I think Hiro will try to save his dad and will fail miserably. I do not think it will be a Butterfly Effect type thing, just be one of those things where Hiro will realize he needs to learn to be better. Remember his future badass self (aka FBS) told Ando that he had was a ____________ master now. I do not remember which style it was, but you get the point. I think whoever he meets that kills his father, beats him, and causes him to realize that he just is not good enough.

    Gideon…yeah, I think you may be right. Adam will meet up with Hiro, and kind of snap. Maybe he kills Ando, which is also the point where Hiro snaps and becomes FBS.

    I wish Maya would pass under a waterfall. I also wish that Sylar would kill Alejandro and then bang Maya. They could produce some kid who shoots fire and brimstone out of every orifice.

    DL has reactions like anyone else. From the time it takes to pull a trigger, which DL was not watching the guy, to the point where the bullet is entering the body, is a fraction of a second. DL would have to be on constant phase mode to really be able to pass through a bullet.

  4. I thought it was pretty obvious that Angela’s power was persuasion. They showed it pretty graphically as she made Nathan’s wife agree to keep things quiet…I don’t know if it goes so far as mind control, but there is definitely something like that in her.

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