Heroes: “Out of Time”

The Virus
Peter is trapped in the future where 93% of the world’s population has fallen victim to the Chanti Virus. The people who discover Peter say that he has been dead for awhile now and they bring him to see his mother. Good thing she helped jump start his memory (although she was nice to him, it would have been better if she was her typical bitch self). Anyways, the government people are deporting Caitlin when Peter teleports back to our time period.

Back in our time Maury is coming to kill Bob. Matt and Nathan are there to help them stop Maury. Bob says that Matt is the only one who can. Mohinder and Niki are going to give Maury the virus. A bunch of stuff happens, Matt overcomes Maury, rescues Molly, but in the end Niki injects herself. Honestly, that was the best moment of the show, when Mohinder told Niki that his blood did not work.

Bob informs Nathan that Peter is alive and also about Adam Monroe. Turns out that Adam was the one who found them all, but that he believed man needed to be wiped out. He uses Maury as his blunt weapon and Linderman was one of his disciples. Well it turns out that Adam and Peter escaped together.

Kensei vs. Hiro
Kensei has Hiro’s faced buried in opium, which messes with his concentration. When he finally does escape, he decides to go back and destroy White Beard’s guns. Kensei comes to stop him and they fight for a bit. Hiro refuses to kill Kensei, but Kensei refuses to teleport out of the tent with Hiro. The gunpowder goes off and all we see is the charred remains of Kensei’s helmet.

Hiro tells Yaeko that he must leave and she promises to keep the stories of Kensei true so that young Hiro will have his bedtime stories. She seems pretty laid back about a guy from the future who partially explained things like the space-time continuum. Hell the only reason I understand time paradoxes is because of the Back to the Future movies.

Hiro returns to Ando and gives him the Kensei mask, but is saddened to learn that his father has died.

Adam Monroe
Back in Montreal, Peter tries to teleport back to the future (haha) to rescue Caitlin. Someone comes in and he fires a lightning bolt which fries the person’s hand. The hand heals itself and in walks Adam Monroe, none other than our old friend Kensei.

I will be honest with everyone, that was not a big surprise to me. I had read in numerous places that David Anders would be a regular cast member and that Kensei would still be alive in our era. “As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste… I swear, you will suffer.” To me, that seemed to hint that he would be around much longer.

What interests me is if the company knows about his powers, then why not try and get him as well to help cure the virus. And how come they do not have a ton of his blood out there in their labs?

Something tells me that Adam will be quite the BAMF at this point. He has had 400 years to hone his fighting skills, while Hiro has been talking to Ando.