Heroes: “Truth & Consequences”

The next to last episode of the season. It was definitely an awesome episode with a pretty kick ass set of cliffhangers.

Peter & Adam
Peter travels back to the future, but this time using his spirit form, he can see everything, but no one can see him. We last saw him use this power in the “How to Stop an Exploding Man” when he went back and talked to Charles Deveaux. I guess he got that power from Mr. Deveaux, but who really knows.

When he comes back, Adam does not believe him, but Peter has a paper about the virus to prove it. They decide to hunt down Victoria Pratt and find out about the virus. Peter asks her to help him, and she gives him false information. She follows Peter to the car to see him with Adam. She says that Adam tried to unleash the virus before. Peter takes her down, and they tie her up. He reads her mind and finds out the virus is in Odessa, Texas. Adam cuts her loose and she grabs the shotgun, which forces Adam to shoot her. Peter gets upset and Adam says that she would have blown his head off, which is the only way to kill either of them. After Peter leaves, Adam draws the helix symbol on Victoria’s picture and drops it, saying that maybe someone will find it if anyone survives.

Sylar & Maya
Sylar convinces Maya that her brother hates her and that she needs to learn how to control her powers. She starts to panic and Sylar is about to die when she comes to control it and saves him. When she tells Alejandro, he shows her that Sylar is a murderer. Sylar admits to killing his mom, but she was trying to kill him, she thought he was a monster, and Sylar was just defending himself.

Maya believes him and tells Alejandro to go home. Later, Alejandro attacks Sylar at the hotel. Sylar stabs him and then Maya knocks on his door. He comes outside and they make out for a bit.

Mohinder uses Claire’s blood to come up with a cure for the Chanti Virus, but as he tells Bob, if certain strains like 138 ever got loose it would wipe out mankind. He wants Bob’s help in destroying all the strains after he cures Niki. Mohinder heads out to New Orleans, when he receives a scary phone call. Sylar says that he just sent the babysitter home and that he is waiting for Mohinder to come back. Mohinder realizes that Sylar has Molly.

Hiro and Ando dig through information about Kensei, when they discover he calls himself Adam Monroe. Hiro finds out when they captured him and he goes back to that day in 1977. Adam tried to steal the virus, strain 138 from Victoria’s lab. Kaito had Adam locked up. Hiro hears his father give orders to send the strain to Odessa. Hiro goes back to the present and grabs his sword. He then teleports away to save the world.

The Finale
Peter and Adam walk into Primatech, which Adam explains is just a front for the Company. Then, time stops and only Peter can move around. He then sees Hiro, who tells Peter that he must kill Adam. Peter says that he cannot let Hiro do that and forms a ball of electricity. Hiro then says that Peter has chosen the wrong side and screams a battle cry and charges and the to be continued…screen pops up and I was left sitting there pondering how Hiro could ever defeat Peter?

On a sidenote, I skipped over Claire and Elle’s little confrontation because it was not as sexy as I had hoped for. So in my head I redid the entire scene. It is definitely X-Rated…

“Adam Monroe killed my father, and for that he must pay.”-Hiro

“I can’t let you do that.”-Peter

“Then you have chosen the wrong side.”-Hiro

6 thoughts on “Heroes: “Truth & Consequences”

  1. I just love how you totally ignore any story arcs involving Niki. You’re so silly.

    Pretty sexy episode, all in all.

    I am having a hard time understanding Adam’s motivations though. Yeah, he’s seen countless examples of the evil of humanity over the course of his 400 years, but I still don’t get why he figures killing everyone will alleviate any of that.

    Is it implied that Sylar will not be assimilating Alejandro’s power? I figured he’d eventually have his and Maya’s, yet I saw no consumption of brain, be it in stew or burrito form.

    Any guesses as to who the 2 heroes to buy it next week are? My chips are on Mama Petrelli and Adam. With honorable mention going to Parkman and Micah’s stupid cousin. Yeah, he doesn’t have any powers, per se, but he does possess a superhuman level of annoyance. That’s gotta count for something. Maybe he dies anyway and they didn’t allude to it in the preview because he’s not a hero and everyone wants him dead anyway.

    Though I have to say, my favorite part of the episode was the commercial for American Gladiators. Enough of this Deal or No 5th Grader BS. Gimme an inverted track and a man in a giant ball any day. And more spikes this time please.

  2. First off, you had mentioned before that you did not have a penis…it takes a lot of balls to put up a picture of yourself like that.

    Anyway, you are right, this past episode was great. I really hate Sylar though. I know, I know, he is a bad guy, the veiwer is supposed to hate him, but he annoys the hell out of me. When he almost died the first time I was glad he was gone, but no, just had to bring him back, didn’t they.

    I thought I could like Adam, I mean hell, not bad looking for 400 years old right? You were right though, what does that much time do to a person. Maybe he is trying to inadvertantly (sp?) kill himself, but he wanted death, he could have shot his own head off years ago. How does he know that is the only way to die if you can live forever? I guess in all this time he has met others with the same ability…who knows.

    I love Peter, I can’t help it. He is so damn cute. I am glad little Irish Catlyn went missing. Now this is going to be the Samone obsession with a lot more heart behind it, because now his actions have left her with the shitty end of the stick (and I guess because he loves her…gag)

    I am sure that I could come up with a thousand other things to write about on this show. Hell, if I was still in college, I probably would have found some sad way to turn it into an English paper. Oh well, I will have to wait for next week. Oh wait, I am the lucky one who gets to work…hope I don’t forget to record it next week.

  3. Gideon…yeah, I cannot understand Adam’s reasoning either. I mean, if you kill most of the people on earth, then the rest will just join into small bands of traveling nomads probably killing each other anyways…

    I am sure after he was done having hot sex with Maya that he went back to his room and made himself a nice Alejandro Brain Quesadilla…mmm, Quesadilla…

    Haha Deal or No 5th Grader…that sounds it could be interesting. You let a convicted pedophile…okay nevermind.

    Lauren…how can you hate Sylar? He’s badass.

    My prediction for the two heroes to die next week: Parkman and Niki. Why? Well for one, I hate Niki and Micah, so if they eliminate that whole group, I will be much happier…and Parkman, well he has begun abusing his power, plus maybe he will try to rescue Molly and Sylar will somehow get his powers back and kill Parkman, and then take his powers…

    Honorable mention goes to Molly. Sylar eats her brain, and then we have Sylar’s story for next season, he can now track any of the heroes. Peter and Hiro must work together to find Sylar…

  4. How can I hate Sylar? I just do ok? No, seriously, maybe I am just not able to get into his mindset. It is just something that I am going to have to wait for, I guess. No matter how hard I try to give his character a shot, because hell, the most evil characters in literature have proven to be the most round and complex (and way more interesting than the main character), I can not even make myself secretly cheer for him.

    Oh, and I do hope your wrong about Parkman! He is not abusing his power, he is just learning how to use it to his full advantage. His power does not directly kill people, he sees the oppurtunity to use it to get to the truth. Although it is kind of ironic that the policeman would be a rapist. If Parkman can be classified this way, does that mean that Peter should be too?

    The two Heroes to go:
    *Molly: I agree fully with you saying Sylar kills her. Him having her power would really make for an interesting plot twist next season.
    *Next, I wanna say Anglea, because the last thing useful from her was Victoria’s name, and now that Parkman is exploring the extent of his powers, she really doesn’t have much of a use anymore. If you want to keep her to have more of the orginal company around, don’t worry, you still have good ol’ Bob.

    Wow, I can not believe I was able to defend the characters on this show so much….how much of a dork am I? Oh well, it makes me happy. Well, now that I got that out of my system, time to get back to the real world and go to the laundromat…whoo freakin hoo….can’t wait to see what your rebuttal is, if you have one.

  5. There’s no way Matt Parkman will be the one to die next week – we’re just starting to dig into the meat of what he can do. And it won’t be Angela Petrelli or Micah’s cousin – they’re too minor. I’m willing to bet Niki dies though. Probably shot while trying to save Monica.

    And they’d better not kill off Sylar – he’s such a great villain. We know that the actor is leaving the show – at least temporarily – but hopefully Sylar just goes on a European vacation or something.

  6. Lauren…I can understand your dislike for Sylar, he really does not have a mindset that has been deeply explored. He hungers for power. He wants it all for himself. Maybe he is just evil? No rhyme, no reason, just pure evil…

    Eh, I do not think Angela dies. She provides way too much of an interesting interaction between Peter and Nathan, and whichever other Hero she encounters. We still do not really know her power. Some have said that she can persuade people, but so can George W. or any good politician…I hope that is not her only power.

    Here is something I hate about TV/Movies, people never just stop and talk about things. If Hiro and Peter stopped and had one ten minute conversation I bet everything would be different. Hiro would say how he knows that Adam wants to release the virus and Peter would get Hiro’s help in rescuing Caitlin.

    On a sidenote, what will happen to Caitlin if the virus does not get released? She will probably cease to be. Peter must sacrifice her or get Hiro to help him rescue her from the future, since Hiro understands time travel and his powers a bit more than Peter does.

    Greg…I hope that Sylar does not die. For one thing, he is really the only person on the show who can balance out Peter, they can both do super amazing things, yes Peter can pretty much absorb all of Sylar’s powers and use them, but he has no practice with them. Sylar can fine tune his abilities…

    Parkman is falling into the same trap his father fell into. He forced Molly to eat her cereal. I know that seems very minor, but remember that Maury said he would soon discover that you can make people do what he wants, and how long is it before Matt uses his power to push some villain into his deepest nightmare? Also, remember the Parkman we saw in the future (a future that no longer exists, I know this), he was not really a good guy…

    Also, I hope Niki dies, I say this every week though, haha. It will never come true. If her story became interesting, then they would kill her off just to spite me.

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