Utah Still Exists

I was reading news articles today and stumbled upon this one. It’s about how American Atheists Inc. want giant crosses that mark the deaths of fallen highway patrolmen removed from the roads.

First of all, that many Utah Highway Patrolmen have died over the years that these crosses are a problem? Seriously, there is crime in Utah? Why? I thought Utah had like 12 people. I am kidding, I am sure Utah is a beautiful state with a massive population and plenty of dangerous crime.

Second, there is a group called the American Atheists Inc.? What the fuck. They go around fighting the good fight, like removing all Christian symbols from the public. They preach about how there is no god, and they have absolute faith that they are 100% right. I am sure they sound just as crazy as some of the religious nuts that they battle.

I am an atheist, but I would never join some kind of group to help rid the world of all those harmful crosses. I just wonder if a Jewish cop dies in Utah, do they put up a Star of David for him? I guess I should stop being sexist, I am sure there are female officers in Utah, and perhaps a couple Jewish ones as well. Can you imagine if a Muslim officer died out on the road and someone wanted to put up a Crescent Moon. I bet that would go over real well.

Is there any point to this? Absolutely not. Sometimes I hate atheists just as much as I hate religious nuts. You will not find me out campaigning in Washington demanding that the government remove “In God We Trust” from our money. Why? Because I just do not care. You can believe in whatever gods you want, just leave me out of it.

This photo just helps make whatever you read a little less boring. See she’s a sexy nun, and this post is about religion…everything is connected.