2007 Review

Well 2007 saw many changes happen in my life, some good and some, not so good. Let’s have a nice look back at the year that was.

Started off the year right, went to a lame ass New Year’s Eve party at Stef’s house. Fortunately Kacie and I bolted over to her friend Slu and Kate’s place and had a much better time there.

Then, I write my most commented on post to date, which deals with how funny religion can be, sadly my insane family members have no sense of humor and took it completely the wrong way, turning the post into a war ground for much older problems.

Kacie and I celebrate our two year anniversary. Hmm, nothing really spectacular happened in February.

Captain America dies! How long until he comes back from the dead? Or is revealed that he was a Skrull? Or that he was a clone…

My fantasy baseball draft happens and people do not think my team is all that good, haha, I showed them, first place almost all season.

State College has State Patrick’s Day because Spring Break fell during St. Patty’s day. Bars and stupid people complained about it, so they came up with their own idiotic holiday. It was absolutely retarded.

300 comes out and makes everyone orgasm. The movie rocked. Chicks and dudes loved it. I saw it three times at the theater.

These two months sucked. The Pirates season started and they blew right from the beginning. I was preparing for my move to Pittsburgh.

I move to Crafton. We have a pretty fun going away party for me, it does not end well though. I start work down here, but the first rule of working at XXXXXXX is you cannot talk about XXXXXX. The second rule of working at XXXXXXX is you cannot talk about XXXXXXXX!

The Dark Times
About this time my posting goes down because of work and mainly because I never have anything useful to write about.

Since June though, something horrible happened in my life. Kacie and I ended our relationship in October. She found out that I was not so faithful to her. I apologize to her for hurting her and wish that I could change the past. We still talk and try to remain friends, but it is not the same as it once was.

Okay, moving on to more upbeat times. Let me tell you about my Christmas presents. My brother got me: The Complete Seinfeld, Nintendo DS: Zelda Edition (which I have started playing and it is freakin’ awesome, although if Greg is reading this, I’ll probably need assistance if I get stuck), a Green Lantern key chain, and a cool Family Guy action figure.

My mom got me some practical things which I needed badly, such as a new vacuum cleaner, work clothes, and a new toothbrush. Also, people gave me plenty of money to buy lots of new things.

This New Year’s Eve will be spent at work, which blows a big floppy donkey dong, but oh well, I am sure….oh fuck it, there is actually nothing I can think of that makes me happy about working over New Year’s.

Anyways, my resolution for 2008: to post more often for everyone and to post more varied topics. Hope everyone had a great 2007 and a better 2008!

Here is another Carl video to help you decide who to pick in those college bowl games.

5 thoughts on “2007 Review

  1. Hey, read the most commented post ever. That is by far one of the most fucked up things I ever read (not your comments, but the reactions to them). Almost as bad as the Uncle Carl thing.

    You ass.

  2. Our anniversary was one of the most special moments of my life. Trust me. I only meant that the rest of February was uneventful.

    Zig…yeah my mom’s family is quite retarded. At least the Uncle Carl thing was all made up, haha.

  3. 300 did not make me orgasm. i’m fairly certain that i brought it to climax though. at least that’s what it said.

    The DS has a lot of quality software, in a wide variety of genres. i was going to buy myself the very same gift this past xmas, but then i remembered i hadnt been a very good boy this year. (or is it last year?)

    Cap died all the way back in March? man, last year flew by. maybe theyll just have a new guy. i mean, he was a captain for a pretty long time. i think in this day and age we’d need something more like liuetenant colonel america, or even brigidier general america. or maybe they could flip it and do an origin story with private america, 1st class.

    how was working over new years? i bet it sucked. speaking of sucking, is sucking a floppy donkey dong better or worse than a rigid one? i guess it all comes down to whether or not he’s watching 300.

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