Christmas Presents Part II

Christmas quickly tightens it’s grip upon us all and I am sitting here wondering what to buy people. Personally, I think I am super easy (to buy for, not sexually, well okay, I am easy that way too…), I mean buy me some DVDs or comics and I am pretty happy.

In order to make it easier for everyone, I will list some stuff that I would love to get this year:

Bourne Ultimatum
The Simpsons Movie
Maybe Lost Season 3 (I have the first two, and I would like to sit down and watch the third season again especially with no new shows out because of the stupid strike)

Absolute Kingdom Come
Absolute Sandman Vol.1 and Vol. 2
Alias Omnibus
Runaways Hardcover Vol. 1,2,3
The Hood (I think that is the name of it by Brian K. Vaughn, laziness prohibits me from looking that up though)
Anything else that would be really cool that I do not have, haha.

Okay, that is about it, nothing major, just some cool stuff. You can get my mailing address from me via email. Thank you everyone.

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