Heroes: “Powerless”

Damn writer’s strike. Although, I cannot rail on them too much, they do have some valid points, which I do not feel like discussing right now.

Let’s start with the first person to die: Niki. I finally got my wish, thank you writers, for that alone you should have your demands met. How did she die? Who cares, she is gone. Let us move on.

Mohinder vs. Sylar
Mohinder returns to his place and finds Sylar there. Sylar says that Maya is making breakfast. Mohinder asks Maya if she knows that Sylar is a killer, and Maya says she knows that and that she too has taken lives.

Mohinder realizes that Sylar does not have his power and tries to stab him with a knife, but Sylar pulls a gun on him. Maya realizes that he is a monster and starts to use her power. Sylar says that she will also kill Molly and Mohinder. She stops from killing them and Sylar forces all of them to Mohinder’s lab where he can receive the cure.

Once there, Mohinder takes some of Sylar’s blood and discovers that he was injected by the company just like Niki. Molly looks for Alejandro, but cannot find him. Maya realizes that Sylar killed him and wants to confront him. Sylar shoots her in the chest and tells Mohinder to give her the blood to see if it works.

She starts to heal, but then someone unexpected shows up: Elle. She was upset about being punished by her father and broke into his computer, where she saw the surveillance camera at Mohinder’s lab. She sees Sylar and decides to bring him down herself.

Sylar fires a couple bullets at Elle, then grabs the final syringe and runs out of the room. Elle chases after him and hits him with a few bolts of electricity. Elle then returns to the lab and says he got away. Mohinder says that he took the vial.

In the prologue for Volume Three: Villains, we see Sylar inject the blood and his wounds begin to heal. He then focuses on an empty can of spinach and makes it come to him. He then says “I’m back.”

West comes to the house and wants Claire not to expose them, but her mind is made up and he leaves and flies away with a very sad expression on his face. Then Mr.B walks through the door and tells Claire that she cannot expose the Company, that he has made a deal that will keep them safe. He then leaves.

Hiro vs. Peter/Adam
Nathan and Parkman confront Angela about where Adam plans to go, she tells them that he wants the virus and that it is in Texas. Nathan tells her that Peter is alive and working with Adam. She tells them that the only way to kill Adam is a bullet in the head. As they leave, Parkman hears her thinking to him that if Peter cannot be stopped then a bullet in his brain is all that will stop him.

They land in Texas and make a few jokes about how they should never talk about that experience (which seemed to be an obvious nod to the comic book Invincible, where the main character always says how gay it looks to fly people around, especially his best guy friend.

Peter and Hiro battle briefly, but then Peter knocks Hiro out and restarts time. Adam says that they were friends once. They get to the vault where the virus awaits them. Peter uses his telekinesis to rip the vault door out. Once it is out, he looks kind of weak and tells Adam to go in and destroy the virus.

Parkman comes at Peter and tells him to stop Adam using his mind powers. At first Peter seems to be falling under the power, but then he fights back and uses his other powers to take down Parkman. Then Nathan comes out and talks some sense into Peter.

Hiro teleports into the vault and Adam says that he will kill Hiro. Hiro knocks the sword away and puts an arm on Adam’s shoulder and teleports them away. As this happens Adam drops the virus, but Peter runs into the vault and catches the vial. Peter then uses his nuclear power to disintegrate the virus.

Hiro teleports back to Ando and says that Adam will not be a problem, and they show Adam inside a coffin in the ground. He screams and as the camera drifts upwards his screams disappear and we see that he is at Kaito’s grave. Nice job Hiro, I hope that he never finds a way to get out because he will be really pissed and really smelly.

Nathan decides to tell the world about his powers. He gives a press conference and just before he can say he can fly, two shots are fired and hit him in the chest. Parkman scans the room, but cannot find the shooter. We then see someone walk out of the building.

Angela is seen watching the footage of Nathan’s death and says to someone on the phone that it was unavoidable, but now they may have opened up Pandora’s Box. She is such an evil bitch, killing her own son.

My guess is that she was on the phone with Bob, who found out what Nathan was planning and made a deal with Mr.B. I am guessing that Peter will now be seeking revenge.

I like photos of Kristen Bell.

11 thoughts on “Heroes: “Powerless”

  1. Ok so I am seriously pissed. I had to work last night, and my freakin vcr didn’t record. I have read you blog, obviously, to get an idea what happened. You don’t happen to record the show, or can you download it on your computer? I can never get the online versions to work…I gave up tryin on my computer last season. Honestly, if you had a way to help me buddy, you would be my hero. Keep me posted….

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  3. YES!!! I work Friday and Saturday this week…you are the best manager ever! I am sure you work one of those days, don’t you. I work dinner on Friday and I work 9 to 5 Saturday. I read your blog. I was trying to hold off so I did not ruin the story line for myself, just by chance you would have been able to get a copy for me. I couldn’t hold out though, I read it, and now I really really want to watch it.
    Thanks again buddy!

  4. “you are the best manager ever!”

    weirdest thing ive ever seen…haha

    1) Adam will escape if lack of oxygen doesnt kill him. He has years to dig through that thing with his nails.

    2) I actually was starting to like Nathan 🙁

    3) Good thing Peter didnt just phase through the vault, would have been awfully boring.

    4) I’m late for work, be back later.

    (Lauren you can watch them practically commercial free on NBC.com)

  5. Offord…oh yeah, Adam will somehow get out. Maybe Sylar will somehow find out about Adam, and help free him, with the obvious purpose of killing him, but something will go wrong….

    Yeah, I really liked Nathan. His speech about how they would correct the mistakes of their parents was cool.

    I kept thinking that he was being dumb and not just phasing through. But, maybe he fears using that power, I am sure it feels weird.

    Hope you made it on time.

    And yes, I am definitely not the best manager ever. That is reserved for Imler, haha.

  6. It wasnt even that you were the best…just seeing someone call you a manager…not that i don’t think you should or arent a great one, it’s just weird is all 🙂

    that’s like me signing off as detective offord…or something. anyway…we should hang out over xmas since thanksgiven fell through. you can meet my gf or something, maybe get kearney and them all down to the south side…miss youuuu


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