The Giant Eagle Experience

Sometimes life is full of complicated decisions, and today proved to be one of those times. I went over to Giant Eagle to buy some Mountain Dew and Poptarts, I was really hungry for them. As I approach the registers, I do the quick scan, not for the fastest line, but instead for the hottest cashier. I found her in Aisle 7, and I must admit, she was much hotter than I expected of any Giant Eagle cashier.

The lady in front of me is some white trash bitch with about $140 worth of food that she is buying with her food stamps. She gets to eat much better than me, and I am paying for her food, how great is that? Anyways, there seems to be a problem with one of the coupons and when it should have been entered. A manager comes over and tries to fix it, but to no avail.

Now I am left with a decision, should I move out of the line, which all the rest of them have people at, or do I stick at it. Five more minutes goes by and the cashier keeps giving me the sexy eyes, but sadly there are now two managers there and trying to talk to her might seem a bit creepy.

Sadly, I decided to leave the line, and the cute girl looked at me and said “Sorry.” Oh well, maybe next time I decide to buy Poptarts she’ll be there.

2 thoughts on “The Giant Eagle Experience

  1. You have the same luck as I do. No matter what line I get in they have the access card and something is always wrong it. And you bet they eat better than us we pay for them to sit home and eat all day. Have you noticed that 9 out of 10 are overweight and they all smell like they above a greasy fried eatery. Sorry but I can honestly say I hate the lazy bastards. I deal with them all day loooonnnngggg!

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