My Bucket List

What kind of things do I want to accomplish before I die? Instead of following the example of the guys in the movie and wait until I am about to die, why not make my list now? This way it gives me plenty of time to fulfill them and to add/remove things over time.

1. Have sex with 100 girls. I know this sounds pretty bad, but let’s think about this for a second. I am already a little over a quarter of the way there, and if I can average about two girls a year for the next 35-40 years, it’s really not that big of a deal. This is also one of those goals that will probably be removed if I were ever to get married and be replaced by something like “Have kids.”

2. Travel. I do not really have much desire to go see the sights of America. They just do not call out to me. I will really have to expand upon this more later. In fact, it really deserves it’s own post. Let me just say this for right now, I do not want to be a tourist, I just want to go somewhere and spend time and then return home.

3. Get into a sword fight or a gunfight, like an Old Western gunfight.

4. Go to every Major League park. My step-dad has been to a bunch of them and I would love to be able to say I have done the same. Parks I have been to: PNC, Camden Yards, Jacobs Field, Three Rivers Stadium…I have a long way to go. Hmm, I guess I could take a summer and combine this with number two, and probably help whittle away some of number one as well…

5. Hunt and kill either a vampire or werewolf. They ultimate big game, a much harder prey than humans or polar bears. Unfortunately the whole mythical monster thing makes it tough to accomplish. Also, I would probably look rather weird wearing leather (apparently if you watch enough of these kinds of movies, you know that hunters always wear black leather).

I think this is very nice to start to my list. Let me know what your five things are so far in life.

8 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I think my desires are fairly mundane compared to yours, but I guess I’ll share em nonetheless:

    1. Learn to do a decent backflip.

    2. Become sufficiently flexible to be able to do a split.

    3. Use the above abilities, combined with my Jedi level awareness and rugged charm, to fight crime. Complete with mask. Even for just a night. Even if I don’t actually do anything, I want to be able to make an appearance somewhere, and disappear into the shadows. Or be on a rooftop one second, but not on the double take.

    4. That whole sword fight thing sounds pretty sexy. I’m gonna steal that one; but I’ll settle for a bar fight at this point. As long as someone winds up airborne.

    5. Actually film one of my dozens of movie ideas.

    And dude, if you need a sidekick on your monster hunt I’m in. I should be able to do a backflip by the time you’re ready. That’s gotta be able to help you somehow.

  2. hahaha, wow, Gideon.

    Backflips and splits: a deadly combo in the crime fighting world, only the elite capable of both.

    I remember you saying, “I wish I could grow sideburns.” one time at your place, maybe while me, you, and Josh were watching Blade? That could be #6, I guess…

    Josh, I’m gonna steal two…

    My 5:

    1. See the world. But, unlike Josh, I’d like to include the US (mainly cities).

    2. I don’t care what my final tally is on the number of girls I have sex with. I just want my list to have variety and to include a few “gems”: a 10, a MILF (or at least a woman more than 10 years older than me), some ethnic women/women with sexy accents, a woman with some degree of fame (whether it’s a famous actress, reality TV star, playmate, pornstar, athlete, whatever).

    3. Avoid having a big gut (like Dad’s).

    4. Shit on the coats at a party, gala, event, etc.

    5. Go to Denver for a Broncos game.

    And as for the monster hunt, I’m in too. But, if we came across a vampire, I don’t think I’d kill it. I think I’d like to become a vampire. It’d give me a LOT more time to do the 5 things above and maybe even add a few more. But I doubt vampires call it a bucket list, probably an “In case I’m Somehow Slain” or a “Sunlight, SHIT! List”. You get the idea.

    But if you come across some werewolves, let the killing begin. I’ve kinda always wanted to hunt dogs anyway, maybe that could be my #6. But, I doubt that one will happen, with it being illegal and all. Plus, it would probably hinder my chances of completing my #2.

  3. My bucket list:

    1. To visit Hawaii when I am skinny enough for a bathing suit..never gonna happen!!

    2.To have enough money to live a comfortable life..never gonna happen.

    3. To make peace with my family…..haha just joking…never gonna happen.

    4. To watch hundreds of movies so I know what the hell my boys are talking about…never gonna happen!!

    5. To meet Oprah ( who I think is fascinating)and to maybe just get a glimpse of Matthew M. who is cute as hell and too young but to see him in person would be like… sorry got off on my own thoughts…anyhow never gonna happen.

    6. To have a nice picture of my boys before I die,professionally taken, and I would even pay for it but they think it’s funny…never gonna happen.

    Well I guess my bucket list is pitiful but I have done what I want in my life that is of reach for me, the rest I have no control over. Sorry mine isn’t funny like Gideons, who by the way is a riot, but then again you could always get me plastic surgery , lipo and the ability to do a back flip or even a cart wheel and then I could join the cast…. I know never gonna happen..

  4. Gideon…As always, you crack me up. I was going to put for one of mine to actually write out the script for a comic and find an artist. So you and I have a fairly similar one.

    You all are more than welcome to come hunting with me. Although, Adam, what if the vampires we come across are like really ugly and really bloodthirsty? Do you want to spend eternity living like that? I guess the ideal vampire would be like Stephen Dorf in Blade, you get to be cool and immortal. The vampires from Anne Rice books are usually a bit too weird. They like to touch and feel each other way too much, plus their boyparts no longer work, so that would completely destroy the whole sex thing…

    Mom…why would you say none of those things will never happen? Every single one of those things is attainable.

    1. You look great and could go to Hawaii tomorrow.

    2. I would say you live a pretty comfortable life.

    3. This one might be tough, but fuck them, they are not worth it.

    4. You have plenty of time to watch movies. Plus you have a ton of kickass TVs scattered about your house. Put them to good use. Shit, I’d sit in the basement with the surround sound cranked up and watch like 5 movies every sunday. But that’s just me.

    5. You can easily meet these people. Just stalk them for a few weeks and then use a tranquilizer gun to put them down and kidnap them.

    6. I do not understand why you think Adam and me would not get a professional picture taken. I also think it’s weird for grown men to go get professional pictures taken.

  5. You are sweet for saying that but trust me if you saw me in a bathing suit you would be running to the nearest ski shop to buy a snowsuit and begging me to put it on.
    As for the picture, yes it may be weird but so is every picture I try taking of you and your brother. Your making faces, your tongues are hanging out and so forth. I would like one picture of my handsome sons to show people that they won’t laugh at. Actually I would love one of the 3 of us together.HMMMMMMMMMM
    And yes you are right, I do live a comfortable life thanks to my wonderful husband but I would still like to win the lotto so I could help make someone elses life better.
    I guess maybe I need to rethink my bucket list. I could still work on doing a back flip….noooo afraid of heights. Maybe I need to think about this for a little bit longer since I don’t plan on going anywhere for a while.

  6. I just took a set of professional pictures with the fam this past mothers day. The first one’s we’ve ever done (to my knowledge at least; I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another set out there, sans Gideon).

    They actually came out pretty well. And now that I can actually see them in front of me, I guess I can say it’s a pretty cool thing to have.

    Word to the wise though, if there’s a pre-ordained color scheme set up, say – pastel tones, don’t show up in something completely opposite, say – black. Not that I did that or anything…

  7. Here’s a start to my bucket list:

    1. Hang out with my husband at some point in 2008. I have a feeling it just might happen.

    Or, you could take a picture of yourself, blow it up to life-size, and I could take my Cardboard Cutout Husband to movies, etc., and also ride in the HOV-lane.

    2. Finally bag that PMILF (there’s a portfolio manager at work I’d probably like to fuck. That has nothing to do with women. We’re also ignoring the fact that he’s married, with a 1-year old daughter).

    3. Make sure all the people who are important to me, know it. In the process, I’ll be bringing the warm fuzzies to your cold, hard places.

    4. Figure out what the hell I’m doing in life so I could make a sensible bucket list.

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