Double Standard

Last night at work, remember I cannot discuss where I work, a couple of drunk,gay guys were there and when I passed by they were like “hey, you’re cute.” I said thanks and continued to walk away. They kept saying stuff, but I ignored it. Then one of the female employees comes back and she’s like “those guys think your hot, they want you to go talk to them.” I ignored her and continued doing paperwork and getting ready for various other assignments that needed to be finished. I did not go out to where those guys were for the rest of the night, mostly because I was uncomfortable, and also because I had no need.

Once I got home, I realized what really annoyed me about the situation. If I make one comment to them, I would be the bad guy. It would turn into me being accused of being a hate-mongering, homophobe.

If a bunch of drunk guys were making comments to a female employee, and she was uncomfortable, she could ask them to leave, and no one would really say anything about it. That is what annoys me, the next time a girl comes up to me and says “those guys are making me uncomfortable” maybe I will just say “awe, it’s cute.”

Anyways, back to work for another fun filled night. Here is yet another picture of some hot chicks, which I figure makes up for this crappy post.