3 thoughts on “Fight Club

  1. According to that, I could only take 24! I refuse to believe it. I KNOW I could take at least 30. I think being short and havin a short reach is why it doubts me.

    But there are some things it doesn’t take into consideration:
    – the need to relieve stress (what’s more therapeutic than beating down 40-50 kids???)
    – physical training, aside from martial arts (football, wrestling)
    – the sweet taste of victory (the more you whoop up on, the more victorious you are… the way I see it anyhow)
    – whether the “little gang” is all boys or is co-ed (you throw some little ladies into the equation, my final count adds AT LEAST 15)

    Fortunately, they’ll never set up a one-time competition where an adult gets to compete against kids. That would be horrific to witness.


    fortunately with hopefully
    never with soon
    one-time with weekly
    competition with deathmatch
    compete against with beat the hell out of
    horrific with terrific
    witness with TiVo

  2. I could take 20, largely because of the moral questions on the final page. But I’ve played Starcraft against Zerg, and I can kick pretty damn high. 🙂

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