Lost: Episode 401

I realize most of you have given up on Lost, and think it sucks because we never get answers, only more questions. I still love the show and thought the premiere last night was pretty cool. Definitely gives me something to look forward to on Thursdays, stupid writer’s strike…

Main Story
The season picks up where it ended. The group thinks they are about to be rescued. Desmond meets up with Sawyer, Bernard, Hurley, Sayid, and Juliet. He tells them that Charlie is dead and that his final message was that it was not Penny’s boat. Sawyer wants to use the walkie-talkie to warn Jack, but Sayid says no, that the boat will be monitoring their communications. As they argue, Hurley grabs the walkie and tosses it into the ocean. He says they have to hurry back.

During their brisk walk across the island, Hurley gets separated from the group and finds the creepy house of Jacob. As he approaches, someone pops up into the window and he runs away. He runs and still ends up in front of the house. He closes his eyes and when he reopens them the house is gone, but Locke is there. Locke takes Hurley back to the group, and says he will help stop Jack from making the wrong decision.

Once they are all reunited, Jack sees Locke and tackles him. He takes Locke’s gun and Locke says that Jack will not shoot him. Jack pulls the trigger only to find the gun to be empty.

Locke explains that the new group coming to the island is hostile and that they should all go to the Barracks, which the Others have abandoned. The people who join him are: Hurley, Claire and Aaron, Rousseau, Ben (who asks Jack if he can go with them since he is tied up and being led around by Rousseau, it was a funny moment), Alex, Karl, and Sawyer. As Sawyer walks away from the main group, Kate asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is doing what he always does, survivin’. It is interesting to see the changed in Sawyer over the past few episodes.

Later, Kate and Jack sit at the front half of the plane, and the talk about how Jack was thinking about how it seems like so long ago since he, Kate, and Charlie came up here to find the pilot. They hear a helicopter and see a man parachute down. They meet the guy and as he takes off his helmet, he looks at Jack and says “Are you Jack?” I will have more on him in a bit.

The flashforward starts with Jack watching TV and pouring himself a drink, while the tv shows a police chase of a red camero. When the cops finally get the car stopped, the person gets out and it turns out to be Hurley. When they point their guns at him, he yells “I am one of the Oceanic Six.”

Later, as the cop interrogates him, he says that his partner, Ana Lucia was on the flight and asks if Hurley knew her. Hurley lies and says that he did not. When the cop leaves, the room fills up with water, and we see a diver with “They Need You” written on his hand. Hurley screams for help and the cops comes in asking if Hurley is trying to get sent to a mental institution. Hurley says yes.

At the nut-hut, Hurley plays Connect Four and someone tells him that he has a visitor. The man says he is from Oceanic Airlines and that he wants to put Hurley in a better facility. Hurley asks to see his business card and the man says he forgot them. He then asks about “them” which causes Hurley to freak out.

Outside of the crazy place, Hurley is told that someone is watching him. He looks over and sees Charlie. He starts to freak out and Charlie slaps him. Charlie tells Hurley that he did not tell him he was going to die because he did not want Hurley to try and stop him. He then says “They Need You” which again causes Hurley to freak out and he closes his eyes and does the whole, “you’re not there.” He counts to five, Charlie sighs and disappears.

In the last flashforward, Hurley is shooting baskets and Jack comes in. He tells Hurley he just wanted to check on him (he also mentions he is thinking of growing a beard), but Hurley does not trust him. Hurley knows that Jack is there to make sure Hurley does not tell. Hurley then says that he should have went with Jack, not Locke. Also, that they should go back to the island. Jack says no and leaves.

-Daniel Faraday, the guy who comes to rescue them, does not look like a guy who is there on a rescue mission. He has a shirt and tie on.

-Who are the Oceanic Six? We know that Jack, Kate, and Hurley are three of them.
-Apparently Hurley thinks his group made the wrong decision, and I wonder what could possibly happen…
-Did anyone watch Eli Stone and see the commercial for Oceanic Airlines? I went to the website and then the other one, which is a game you can play that gives you more information. I will post more about it as I do more with it. Anyways, funny thing is, on the flyoceanicair.com site, you can download a press release and it has a phone number, which I called and got the message of the lady who signed it. I think if you figure out the password, then you probably get more information…

Anyways, let me know what you though of the show.

13 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 401

  1. So this has nothing to do with Lost, but I just wanted to say hi and get everyone geared up for fantasy baseball. I don’t think sign ups start until around mid-feb, but i’ve already done tons of analysis (i have a really boring job and spend all day looking at baseball stats instead) and am looking forward to it. I am NOT looking forward to another miserable Pirates season, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, just throwing it out there that I will be making one and hope maybe this year we can work out a pay league ($10-20)? Probably not because everyone loses interest eventually, but none-the-less, get psyched!

  2. Shut up with your fantasy baseball. I still have 1 day and 13 hours until baseball season (Let’s go Giants!). Anyway, the Hurley flashforwards obviously take place before the Jack/Kate flashforwards (watch them again, too lengthy to explain it all here.) but, it appears originally Jack is not too keen on going back to the island, then eventually becomes so. I’m thinking Jin and Sun make it off the island, and have their baby when they get back. Their’s is the “feel good” storyline, other than Rose and Bernard. Judging by the timeline of the show and how many episodes it has left, Sun and Jin will get rescued before she has the baby. Now, that’s five (perhaps six, if Sun has the baby on the island). There’s also a possibility that Kate is pregnant with Sawyer’s child. (Go back to last season for that clue…) Of course, if Kate is pregnant, it could be Ben’s (remember when Kate was gassed…) Anyway, I’m thinking that the base plot, meaning the shit we won’t find out about until the last few episodes, somehow centers around the children, and Sun’s (or, possibly Kate’s) will be a female. After that, I’m “Lost” (pun intended). My bet is, for some reason, Desmond is the sixth to make it off. Wow, why can’t I post on my own blog like this?

  3. By the way, I’m not too sure what the game has too do with the actual plot of the series. Much like “The Lost Experience”, it seems merely as a bridge between some of the background mysteries of the people and companies involved on the island. (Notice that all the “destinations” of Oceanic Airlines are the hometowns of major characters in the show?) Although something that strikes me is that Naomi said “Flight 815 has been found, there were no survivors”, yet the game takes place in present time, and offers no evidence that Flight 815 has been found. Who knows. J.J. Abrams is great with his viral marketing. I even got sucked into the “Cloverfield” shit. (It’s most likely a mutated primate…trust me on that one.)

  4. Wait, I got it! Jack eventually figures out that he’s Aaron’s half-uncle (remember Jack’s father is also Claire’s father…), and for some reason Hurley knows? That’s the best i have. Ok, I’m done responding until someone else does. I promise.

  5. Offord…yeah, I’m ready for fantasy baseball and would have no problem paying for a league. Although, I still owe Mike for the football league…

    James…and yes, the Hurley flashforwards come before the Jack ones of last season, that is I made the beard reference…

    Remember that Jack was at a funeral for someone that no one else liked, if that was a member of the Six, who could it be? I am guessing Locke. I have read other guesses online saying that maybe Ben makes it off the island, but how the hell would he explain that one?

    I do not think Kate is pregnant. She looked way too hot in the future to have been a mommy…

    Does the find815 game take place in real time? Or does it take place from the moment the plane crashed? Remember it is still 2004 on the island, I think December. It is possible the game takes place the moment the plane crashes and goes up to where they are now in the show.

    I doubt that Naomi lied, since she made it a point to tell Charlie that DriveShaft became a big deal after he died…

    I am guessing that Hurley is not supposed to tell about the island, whatever happened to them, or whatever is going to happen them that makes them want to go back.

  6. ok ok James, I’ll shut up until after the superbowl. I don’t really like either team but since you got utterly destroyed by the Mets the last two season I will root for the Giants (has nothing to do with not wanting the Patriots to go undefeated).

  7. I’ll have to watch the videos from the game again, but the “press release” from Oceanic Air is dated Dec. 28 2007, which has something to do with the game I thought, and led me to believe it takes place in the present. But, I could be wrong. It’s happened before.

    Anyways, another theory popped into my head around the 8th or 9th beer. What if no one actually makes it off by the end of the series, and the flashforwards are from Desmonds head? It makes a little sense since Desmond has those premonitions. Perhaps they are even showing the characters shorly before they die. I don’t know. I’ll have to see more flashforwards.

  8. James…the press release was release on the 28th, but I am almost positive that if an airline was not running flights for over 3 years, they’d be out of business….

    I do not think it is in Desmond’s head. I just have a feeling that we are going to learn about the future and realize that what is happening on the island is all one huge mistake…

  9. But how does Sam know the new slogan of Oceanic Air, and that Oceanic is going to fly again soon (both of which he mentions on the video) if this was during the events on the island? And why is his message only appearing now? I’m not good at explaining things in type, cause I get bored. The latest date I’ll give you is Jan 13th 2006, because thats when the numbers on the stock ticker would be accurate, but I don’t know. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as far as the plot of the show goes.

  10. I’m gonna try not to make too many predictions regarding this coming season. From my history with picking this sort of thing, my choices have little to know chance of actually occurring, so why bother? I’ll just sit back and enjoy the episodes, in all of their discombobulating glory, and await josh’s pic of the week (good job this week, btw).

    Disregard that last paragraph. The Oceanic Six is made up of: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Alex, and Ben. You heard it hear first.

  11. James…because ABC wanted to force people to watch Eli Stone? So they told us there would be a commercial for Oceanic Air during the show in hopes that Lost fans would stay tuned….

    Gideon…I like your picks, and yes I love that picture of Kate, mmmm…anyways, I think Ben was the one who died and Jack went to his funeral, yet no one was there. The only problem I have with any of them, Alex or Ben being the ones to make it off, is how would they explain how they got there? Oceanic would know they were not part of the flight…

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