Lost: Episode 402

We learn that the rescuers are not really there to save them and also that they are definitely not the type of people you expect to find on a rescue mission, haha. This episode also made me come up with a theory, which I need work out, so I will discuss that in a little bit.

The Island
Daniel tells Kate and Jack that they must find the others who were in the helicopter, when he turns, they notice he is carrying a gun. They use GPS tracking to find Miles, who immediately pulls his gun on Kate and Jack and wants to know what happened to Naomi. They go to the body of Naomi, and Miles looks over the body and says that he knows they are telling the truth about how she died.

Jack then says that Miles and Daniel need to hand over the gun because Jack has people pointing guns at them (reminiscent of when the Others pulled the same thing on Jack), and when Miles calls his bluff, shots start firing. Sayid and Juliet come out and take the two prisoner.

Daniel admits that they came to the island for someone else, not the survivors of 815. He shows them a picture of Ben…They then find Frank, who shows them where he landed the helicopter.

As the other group makes it’s way towards the barracks, Ben pisses off Sawyer, who beats the crap out of him until Locke convinces Sawyer not to kill him. They then find Charlotte, the last member of the rescue party. Ben takes Karl’s gun and shoots Charlotte in the chest. Sawyer tackles him, and we learn that Charlotte is quite fine because she is wearing a bullet-proof vest. Locke decides he must kill Ben, but Ben tells him that he has information about the new group on the island because he has a man on their boat.

The flashbacks in the episode give us a quick introduction to who Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank really are.

Daniel…He watches the news about the remains of Flight 815 being found in the Sundra Trench, and he begins to cry for no apparent reason. Little is known about him, although he did tell Jack that he was a physicist.

Miles…This dude talks to ghosts. He goes into some woman’s house, talks to her dead son, who tells him where to find some drugs and cash, and then leaves, but not before giving her a partial refund.

Charlotte…She is at an excavation site in Tunisia. She identifies the remains of a polar bear, and as she examines it closer, finds a collar from the DHARMA Hydra Station.

Frank…He sees the news about the recovery of 815 and the picture of the man found in the cockpit, who they claim was the pilot. He calls Oceanic and says that the man on TV is not the pilot because he does not have a wedding ring on and that he knew the pilot very well because Frank was supposed to be the pilot of 815…

The last flashback shows Naomi talking to the black guy from the previous episode, his name is Matthew. They are looking at pictures of the team, and she says they are not qualified for the mission. Matthew says they are fine and she must worry about her job and finish the mission.

The whole polar bear in Tunisia thing really made me think. The only theory I could come up with is that the island is not really inside our time frame. The Others had a way to travel to various time periods (which explains how they could learn so much information about people), but somehow that communication has been severed.

Okay, that’s not much of a theory, but it’s the best I have got. I also keep thinking about the four-toed statue and how that will be explained. Ben also told the Others to head to the Temple. We have seen massive ruins on the island, I wonder if this could be Atlantis…haha, now I am just talking out my ass.

Anyways, what did you think? Any theories you care to share? Doesn’t Sun look hot?