Lost: Episode 403

Sayid has always been one of my favorite characters. He just comes off as so always in control and sure of himself. As you probably guessed, this was a Sayid-centric episode.

Main Story
Sayid tells Frank that he will go to Locke and get Charlotte, in exchange Frank will take Sayid to the ship. As Sayid goes to leave, Miles says he is coming as well, which Sayid says he figured as much. Jack wants Kate to go because he does not trust Locke and knows that Sawyer will make sure that nothing happens to her.

Before they leave, Sayid looks at a bracelet on Naomi’s wrist and it sparks his curiosity of the group. On the way, Miles asks why the group split apart and Sayid tells him that some did not know if they should trust Miles and his friends. Miles then asks which side Sayid is on and he says he is still deciding.

They arrive at the barracks, only to find Hurley tied up in one of the closets. As they search Ben’s house, Sayid finds a hidden room with all sorts of passports of Ben’s and tons of money. Kate searches a room and Sawyer sneaks up on her, when she yells for Sayid, it is revealed to be a trap of Locke’s.

They begin to negotiate and Locke says he will not give Charlotte to Sayid. Sayid knew this and that is why he brought Miles along. Kate asks Sawyer why he is with Locke, and Sawyer says that he does not want to leave the island. He reminds her that there is nothing for either of them. She scoffs at this and says that they cannot stay here playing house. Sawyer says yes they can, and gives her the serious “let’s have lots of sex” look.

Sayid returns to the helicopter with Charlotte. Jack asks where Kate is, and Sayid says she stayed with Sawyer. Frank asks about Miles and Sawyer casually says that the deal was for him to return Charlotte, safe and sound. Frank laughs it off and says that Miles was a pain in the ass. Desmond, Sawyer, and Frank prepare to fly back to the boat.

Quick aside, at some point, Daniel starts doing an experiment where he contacts the ship and has them send a rocket. The chick on the other end says it arrives, but it never actually does. Then later it falls from the sky. Daniel had a clock inside of the rocket set with the clock on the receiver, they are now 31 minutes apart. Before Frank leaves, Daniel tells him to make sure he does veer off the heading they came in on, not at all.

Sayid is playing golf. A gentleman comes up to him and bets him money about a shot. Sayid loses the bet, but not before informing the man that he is from the Oceanic Six. The man gets nervous and as he tries to leave, Sayid pulls a gun on him and addresses the gentleman by his real name and then shoots him.

Next time we see him, he goes into a cafe in Berlin and asks a woman to sit with her. He then asks her for directions. He then becomes ultra smooth and asks her for a date. The next few scenes show them together, and we learn that she works for someone and her job is to be at his call whenever he comes to Berlin. We learn that Sayid is after that guy. I guess Sayid has become the Iraqi James Bond.

When the beeper finally goes off, Sayid has fallen in love with her. He tells her that she needs to leave Berlin, she then shoots him and wants to know who he is working for (oooh, double agent shit, gotta love it), Sayid then shoots her. We see him stumble into an animal clinic and a doctor starts working on his wound. He is chiding him for thinking with his heart and not just shooting. We then see that it is Ben.

Oh yeah, another quick aside, after Sayid shoots Elsa (that was her name by the way) we see the same bracelet that Naomi was wearing.

Ben says that he has another name for Sayid, who argues that they know he is coming for them. Ben reminds him that he is doing this to protect his friends and then says “Good” about people knowing they are gunning for them…

Who are they going after? Well it seems they are probably taking down the mysterious group that is searching for the island. They must have reasons to harm the Oceanic Six. I know many of you are going to assume that Ben is one of the Oceanic Six, but he cannot be, since he was never on Oceanic 815, nor was Juliet.

That is the best picture I can find of Charlotte (Rebecca Mader)…so here is another one of Kate.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 403

  1. Yeah, so I was going to say “Sweet, I knew Sayid would make it off the island!”, and use my response to Episode 401 as proof, until I looked at it and realized I never put Sayid in them. That’s what happens when you type and you’re drunk.

    I still think that Sun and Jin are the other two, and Sun has the baby off the island. Although my theory that Desmond makes it off is still valid as he too is not a crash victim.

    When Ben says “what happened the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun,” does he mean when he was supposed to kill the girl friend of his back in Iraq? Or some other episode?

    I thought the same thing about the bracelet. I think about it though, are we sure it’s the same bracelet, or just a coincidental camera angle? Not arguing, just saying. And who could “R.G.” be? Same “employer” Elsa had? Some past lover of Naomi’s? It has to be important somehow. Maybe it’s the girl Regina on the boat (the one Daniel calls to conduct his experiment).

    What really got me was the 31 minute time differential between the call and the arrival of the payload. My drunk mind can’t even think of a plausible scenario for that. Of course, that’s the point of the show.

    My guess is that whatever causes the time delay will somehow affect Desmond in the helicopter. I think it’s a little too convenient that the freak of the group has to go through whatever weird invisible field that is around the island and causing a half hour time delay.

    I think that Miles is here for something other than Ben.

    I’ve been thinking, why isn’t Kate in jail and meeting with Jack at the end of last season? And after watching it again, why does the truck Jack is driving look much like the one Locke had been driving in flashbacks?

    And by the way, anyone else notice that Frank Lapidus (the pilot) is the guy from “The Lawnmower Man”?

  2. That is the tough thing, we know that Ben knows pretty much everything about the group, so it’s not hard to imagine him knowing about Sayid’s time in the Iraqi Guard, but could Sayid make a bad choice? Such as while on the boat, not shooting someone…

    I highly doubt the bracelets were coincidental camera angles…

    Yeah, Frank is played by Jeff Fahey. Jack’s truck was not the same one that Locke had, I am about 98% sure (Locke’s was an old green pickup truck, Jack’s looked like an older Landrover….)

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