Lost: Episode 404

Wow, I think this may have been longest streak Sawyer ever went without being slapped or punched. Pretty impressive.

Quick Recap
Kate visits Miles and wants to know what the people on the freighter know about her and the rest of the survivors. Miles says he will tell her if he can talk to Ben. She gets Sawyer to help her out, he goes and distracts John with backgammon, and she takes Miles to Ben’s house.

Sawyer tells John that Kate may be trying to bust Miles out, so they head down to the boathouse where Miles is kept. Kate takes Miles inside John’s place and confronts Ben. Miles says that he wants $3.2 million and in exchange he will tell the man he works for that Ben is dead, and he will also take care of Charlotte. Ben says he will need a week.

Locke comes back and takes Miles away. He tells Kate she is banished from the Barracks. She goes to Sawyer, who says that he can stay with her. They have sex. The next morning Sawyer says something about her being pregnant, and she says that she is not pregnant (must be on the rag). Sawyer is very relieved, Kate is not. She says she is going back to the beach, and Sawyer makes a joke that she’ll be back after her next fight with Jack. She slaps him.

Locke decides to upgrade his method of extracting information from Miles. He takes the pin out of a grenade and shoves it in Miles’ mouth and tells him to enjoy his breakfast. Almost like a line out of Rambo.

Jack forces Charlotte to call the freighter, and Regina tells them that Frank and the helicopter have not arrived yet, even though it has been well over a day.

Kate is treated like a big celebrity in the future. The first part deals with her trial. She tells her lawyer that she will not put her son on the stand. He then says that they need character witnesses. Jack shows up and testifies. He says that he was hurt and Kate saved him and the other passengers. The Prosecutor asks Jack if he loves Kate, and he says not anymore.

Kate’s mom comes to see her and she says that she will not testify against Kate, if she can see her grandson. Kate says no. Her mom does not testify, which pretty much ruins the D.A.’s case. They strike a plea bargain, 10 years probation and she cannot leave California. Kate takes the deal.

As she leaves a back entrance, Jack is waiting for her. She thanks him, and he says that he lied (obviously he lied about what happened, but I think he meant he lied when he said he did not love her anymore). Kate asks him if he wants to come back to her place. He says no that he has to get to the hospital. He then offers to have coffee sometime. She says that he has to see the baby or he cannot see her.

She gets home and her nanny tells her that the kid slept well and did not watch the TV (presumably her trial was televised). Kate goes up and picks him up (he is much bigger than I was expecting) and he yawns and calls her mommy, and she calls him Aaron, and he has blond hair.

What happened? How long are they on the island? The story they must have agreed to (probably to help Kate) was that everyone died and the Oceanic Six were rescued by Kate.

Aaron must not count as the Oceanic Six, since he was born on the island, and would not be considered a survivor of the crash, probably more of a heartwarming story about how Kate tried to deliver a child of an injured Claire, but the mother died, but Kate was able with Jack’s help save the child. Or were they on the island so long that she was able to say that Aaron was her own child. Or is the child Sawyer’s and they were on the island so long that Kate got pregnant and had him?

On a sidenote, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) should not wear a suit, even if it is to the SAG Awards. And I would have thought his wife would be much hotter…

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 404

  1. im thinkin that they’re using the storhy that aaron is kate’s kid, and not including any mention of claire. the reason why jack doesn’t want to see him is that they probably stole him from claire for some reason, and jack’s ashamed of it. i honestly can’t see any other reason for him to not want to see the kid. if it was sawyers kid, i think he would be able to get over it since he knew about all the sex goin on.

  2. I do not think they stole him from Claire. Maybe Claire dies because of a mistake Jack made. Maybe Aaron reminds him too much of his own failure.

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