Quick Reviews

These are some of things I have recently finished watching or reading, and instead of doing long reviews, thought I would do some quickies.

The Last Legion-This movie sucked. I am pretty sure it was just King Arthur without Clive Owen or Keira Knightley.

3:10 to Yuma-Awesome movie. One of the better westerns to come out recently, much better than that other crapfest I watched…Oh, and I have seen the original 3:10, and trust me, this one was much better.

-Detective Comics #840 by Paul Dini. Ra’s al Ghul recently returned from the grave (long story) and he comes to Gotham and gloats to Bruce that he will be setting up shop there and that it will be his mission to destroy Batman. That does not sit well with Batman, since Ra’s knows all of his secrets. We have seen Batman fight dirty, but this is one of the moment’s where he seemed very capable of taking a life. Anyways, check it out, Paul Dini is the best writer of Batman out there today.

-Fell #9-Detective Richard Fell goes to a hostage situation only to find that things are not as they seem. A young man returns from Afghanistan, and finds his parents dead. They died because the hospital said their medicare would not cover the medicine they needed and they could not afford it otherwise. So, Fell takes the corpses to the hospital and dumps them on the director’s desk, then leaves him alone with the angry son. Anyways, Fell is the kind of comic anybody could pick up and enjoy. It is not like most comics which have a lot of backstory. You can read any issue and completely understand what is going on. Anyways, I always recommend picking up a copy of any Warren Ellis book, and this is a great one.

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. This is kind of the sequel to American Gods, it features the two sons of Anansi (Mr. Nancy), Fat Charlie and Spider, who finally meet after their father’s death. The book has everything, much like life itself, a little comedy, a little romance, some action, some mystery, ghosts, gods, witches…Anyways, I recommend it.

Well that’s it for today. Lost is tonight, how exciting.

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