A few quick things before I go to work today, okay I have work in 4 hours, but I have very little to say at the moment. My brain feels mushy.

-I joined Adam (my brother’s) Oscar pool. If you want to join, go here and sign up, then click on the Oscar’s stuff and join a party. The party we are in is: No Party For Old Men. The passcode is apartment300.

If anyone in the group gets the high score (overall on movies.com) then we will all split the money. Seems like a good deal to me. Also, we could always have a little side betting action…

-I need some people for our fantasy baseball league. Let me or Offord know if you are interested.

-Some ladies have complained that I never put pictures up of attractive men. I apologize for that and I will try to do better. Here you go ladies.

3 thoughts on “Vomiterium

  1. Yeah, there’s definitely a little leakage happenin’. That, or you forgot to shake after goin’ to the bathroom..?

    But, I’m sure you know this by now. We didn’t win the oscar challenge. And I didn’t know this until it started – you lost points for everything you guessed wrong. We’ll definitely hafta strategize for next year…

  2. Well I was drunk, so it could have been any of those options, beer spillage, maybe I got a little excited…wait a second, why are two dudes checking out my package in this picture?

    Yes, that sucks. Maybe I will actually see more than one of the movies nominated. And maybe next year I will learn what the hell Sound Editing means…

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