Dream Time

Last night, or more accurately yesterday afternoon, I was in bed having a nice sleep. I had a very disturbing dream, one that I thought was absolutely real. In the dream I was sleeping in my bed. I started to vomit and got a little bit on my sheets and pillow before making it to the bathroom. When I woke up I was utterly convinced it had happened, so I began to check my sheets and pillow for puke. I could not find any, nor did I have that taste of vomit in my mouth.

The dream reminded me of the last time I actually threw up. It was back during the days of 224D. Gideon and I went to CC Peppers and I opted for the 14″ Philly cheese steak. I wolfed that bad boy down and then a little bit later people started coming over to play a little poker.

I got beat on a couple of hands where people caught some lucky cards and instead of continuing to buy back in and aggravate myself, I decided to go over to Champs. Elvis, one of the best bartenders ever, kept the beer flowing to help ease my pan. After about 12 beers and a couple of shots, I decided to get a six pack of Bud pounders and head back home.

After drinking the pounders and becoming ridiculously inebriated. I wanted to play cards, and somehow used my change, and obviously lost all of it. Luckily everyone was nice enough to realize I was bombed and just ignored me. Eventually I felt a little sick and went outside where I pucked up everything inside of my little body. It definitely tasted like Philly cheese steak. I remember waking up the next day and being able to still taste the cheese steak and vomit mixture in my mouth. It took me along time to be able to eat cheese steaks without getting a bit nauseous.

This photo is not from that night, but a close representation of how I probably looked…

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  1. I distinctly remember the last time I threw up (if that’s what we’re sharing here; if not, I may have missed the major point of this post). It was this past Halloween. Since I’ve never really dressed up for Halloween, I went all out this year and went as Captain Underpants. Yes, I wore my underwear proudly on the outside (with googly-eyes and puff paint…..unfortunately I have photographic proof, ask me) with a cape and rainbow socks. Turns out the Captain can’t handle too much vodka, which left me hiding outside between two houses on the South Side, hurling pork chop and cranberry juice for a good hour while Alice in Wonderland held my cape back for me. And like a good little drunkie, I held my puke in the car the whole way home til Alice parked, then I opened the door and let loose again.

    …all before 11pm.

    I could tell you the secret to being this cool, but I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.

  2. Dude, i just threw up last night from too much of a good time. It was the first time in over a year, i haven’t been drinking much at all these days in maryland. Anyways, over at a buddies house from work, he had a few friends over and he had a shit-ton of wine (i like the adjective shit-ton) he had imported from italy. He lived there a few years and really enjoyed this certain wine so spent a life savings on the shit. I haven’t drank wine in years for one reason, i just don’t like it that much, and 2 last time i drank it i got sick off it. anyway, we were all drinking it and some genius got the bright idea of doing a power hour with this stuff. I had no idea how strong italian wine was. We went out to the bars, i think, and i may have puked all over the side of a taxi??? Possibly all over his friend too, not sure though. I’m sure i’m going to hear about it at work tomorrow. OH! By the way! the “hi i’m Ryan” comment worked at this hole in the wall bar for karaoke. Granted she was as intoxicated as i was and she had just knocked over my beer, but she was hot! So…i couldn’t think of anything else to say after she knocked over my beer. Can’t finish off the job, it’s just not in me, you know the deal we’ve discussed this multiple of times…anyway, just wanted to keep an update of my also less-than-envious life here in maryland. Take care!

  3. Well, I just wanted to know if I was the one catching cards… since you coupled it with “instead of buying back in” … which is pretty much how I played our 5 dollar poker games EVERY day. Cause I don’t particularly remember you throwing up, ever. Which is weird, since you’ve been drunk enough to knock over the shower rail trying to pee.

    Oh and the last time I vomited, I found out the Denny’s bacon tastes pretty damn good coming up. And that vomiting blood isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds. And this was only two short weeks ago. The sad thing was I really wasn’t that drunk. I had like 2 pitchers of vodka/cran/sours. I remember being drunk for the sum total of about 20 minutes before I sobered up again. I just don’t get why I puked. Oh well.

  4. Offord…keep scrolling down, or click on the link in the post above this one. And yeah, you are famous. You know me.

    Wife…yes, I am definitely glad I did not come out that night with ya. Sitting at Mugshots, watching PSU lose to OSU was much better.

    Kern…wasn’t the time before that at the Halloween party at yours and Stef’s place? Wine will kick your ass. I cannot really stand the taste of it.

    I was going to use this picture as one of my drinking night stories, and tell the story of “Hi, I’m Ryan.” Even though that pic is not from that night, it was at Kacie’s apartment, and I was obviously drunk.

    Adam…no, it was not against you. I definitely remember one hand being against Raj, one of those hands where he wins and does not realize he won. Then another hand was just one of those (and this seriously happens to me more often than not) I have like a 92% chance of winning the hand, and for some reason, the one card that could hurt me comes up.

    I swear sometimes I feel like even if I had 28 outs, and the only card that could hurt me was the 3 of Diamonds, the river would definitely be that fuckin’ 3…

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