Expensive Sex

I am sure everyone has heard about NY governor Eliot Spitzer’s big prostitute bust. If not, just read the article and then come back…okay, you’re back?

$4300??? What kind of awesome perverted things would he be allowed to do for that kind of money? The normal stuff usually only costs $100. Hell, some girls I know will light your pubic hair on fire while they jerk off a circus midget for like $500. Umm, not that I know from experience…

On a serious note, if you are a big time politician, would it not be easier just to get a mistress? For that kind of money, he could get her an apartment and some spending cash. Then go do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Also, why is it anytime some politician gets involved in a big scandal, the media immediately says things like “and his name was tossed around as a possible upcoming presidential candidate…” Somewhere, some group of people sit around all day just tossing names around for the candidacy of the President…

I also think I have a new way of rating the hotness of a girl: $4300 Club. I will have to definitely give it some consideration as to what girls I would spend that kind of money to have my way with. And by have my way with, I mean 28 seconds and then 30 minutes of me explaining that it has never happened before…damn it, I think I have said too much.

Would she make my $4300 Club?

2 thoughts on “Expensive Sex

  1. Dude, $4300 isn’t nearly as much as you think in the high end prostitution world. In the streetwalking biz, it’s more likely for the pay rate to be based on the actions taking place, but where madame’s are concerned, its strictly by the hour.

    If i remember correctly, big spitz spent 2.5 hours with his lady friend, which amounts to only about $1700 per hour. now, the empire VIP club employs women that range everywhere from $800-$5500 an hour, if i remember correctly. so spitz was actually getting a relative bargain (thanks for takin’ it easy with my tax dollars!) i believe girls from the bunny ranch cost in that range as well (though they may have a min of like $100 or something).

    and no way would a mistress be better. mistresses have the potential to develop feelings, including resentment and jealousy, which could have devastating conclusions. and i really doubt he did this often enough to warrant having someone available 24/7.

    and i have quite a few people in my $4300 club. for example: jackie earle haley.

  2. Maybe your mistresses develop feelings, but mine usually just receive a shovel to the face when they say things like “I love you.” or “when are you leaving your wife?”

    Oddly enough, I am neither married, nor own a shovel.

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