Fantasy Baseball 2008

The fantasy baseball season started last night with our draft. Unfortunately I had to leave during the draft. I did okay for myself, but feel like my latter rounds sucked because of autodraft. I am not making excuses or anything. I have a pretty good HR squad, no steals and a decent starting rotation. My relief pitching is kind of lacking though. Here is my complete draft (I had the 9th pick).

1. Matt Holliday (OF)
2. Miguel Cabrera (3B)
3. Carlos Lee (OF)
4. Justin Morneau (1B)
5. Cole Hamels (SP)
6. John Lackey (SP)
7. Adam Dunn (OF)
8. Hunter Pence (OF)
9. Chris Young (SP)
10. Roy Oswalt (SP)
11. Edgar Renteria (SS)
12. Howie Kendrick (2B)
13. Ben Sheets (SP)
14. Joba Chamberlain (RP)
15. Tony Pena (RP)
16. Geovany Soto (C)
17. Troy Percival (RP)
18. Jermaine Dye (OF)
19. Dustin McGowan (SP)
20. Phil Hughes (SP)
21. Orlando Hudson (2B)

Things that annoyed me, Percival. I would never have drafted him in the 17th round, especially with B.J. Ryan still out there. Fortunately, I was able to drop Percival and pick up Jeremy Accardo, the guy who filled in for Ryan last year and had 30 saves. Ryan may not make it back for the start of the season, and he may not be ready for closing…

I am open for trades, especially for a midlevel closer, or a superstar closer depending on what someone wants for him.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball 2008

  1. Yeah, I didn’t really plan out my draft order at all. I figured I’d just wing it, and I wound up screwing myself over in a couple of places. I still think my team is leagues better than everyone else’s though.

  2. Gideon…wow, I would not say your team is leagues better than everyone’s. Not bad, I would question drafting a catcher with my third pick. I personally feel taking a catcher before the 4th or 5th is kind of silly…

    You have plenty of talent, but also a few players who, I do not think will play to the level they played last year (Chipper Jones, Ted Lily…) and for the life of me, I want to find out what makes Harang any good. When I watch him, there is nothing that jumps out at me, yet he wins…

    Not trying to knock your team, it is quite fine, you are definitely well balanced offensively, and pitching, you have tons of saves and decent wins. I need a closer, so ya know, if you wanna make a trade…

  3. i’m pretty happy with my team thus far. i feel like i have plenty of players to fill in and a decent pitching staff that should get me a lot of Ks.

    i’d be open to trades, but nothing stupid, and i do not want an offer of 3 players for 2 players, especially when i’d end up dropping one of the 3 players in the trade.

    who thinks pedro is going to have a good year? not me…

  4. yeah, the whole catcher thing in the 3rd round was because there are really only like 4 catchers in the league that put up halfway decent fantasy numbers. The past few years i’ve had crap at that position and always finish near the top. im thinkin maybe a decent catcher will put me over the edge.

    and maybe i was too hasty with calling my team leagues better than everyone elses. now that i investigate further, it’s probably the best drafted team in the history of fantasy sports.

  5. Jason…how can you be anti 3 vs. 2 player trades? if you like the offer accept it and get rid of one of your scrub players. if you do not like the third player they off, counter offer with just the two…i cannot see how that could ever be a problem.

    Gideon…upon further investigation, I think you are silly.

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