Lost: Episode 406

Well this episode gave us some of the answers I asked for last week. Mainly about Charles Widmore’s involvement…

We start out with Jack and Juliet realizing Daniel and Charlotte are gone. They start to track them. Juliet hears the weird voices and all of a sudden a very hot chick appears. Her name is Harper and she is one of the Others. She tells Juliet that Daniel and Charlotte went to the Tempest and that Ben wants her to kill them. Juliet says that Ben is captured and Harper laughs and says that Ben is exactly where he wants to be.

Jack and Juliet head towards the Tempest. Meanwhile, Kate comes upon Daniel and Charlotte and begins to question them. They lie and she searches their bag, which contains gas masks. She starts to ask what they are for, but Charlotte knocks her out. Jack finds Kate, and while attending to her, Juliet makes a bee line for the Tempest. When she gets there, she finds Daniel in a containment suit typing on a computer as alarms go off. She pulls a gun on him, but Charlotte attacks her (cat fight)…They explain that they are making the gas inert so Ben cannot use it on anyone, they know that he used it on the island before to kill everyone. Juliet lets them go.

Outside, she talks to Jack. She explains that he is in danger because Ben will never stop trying to get her because he believes that she is his. Jack says he is not afraid and that Ben knows where to find him. Then they kiss…

On the other side of the island, Locke and Ben continue their mental chess game. Finally Ben says he will tell Locke about the freighter. Locke agrees to release Ben and they watch a video of Charles Widmore executing one of Ben’s people. Locke says that Widmore wants the island. When Locke asks why, Ben says to him “if 5000 people flock to Mexico to see an image of the Virgin Mary in some mold, how many people will want to see you?”

Is that Widmore’s intention? Control the island and make it a place where rich, sick people have to fork out tons of money to be cured?

The flashbacks focused on Juliet’s time on the island. How she slept with Goodwin, who was married to Harper. Ben knew about it and waited for the right moment to get rid of Goodwin, sending him to the tail section for a prolonged period. We see Ben’s adoration for Juliet, and just how sick of a bastard he can be.

The big question from this week: who is Ben’s man on the freighter? Especially since Ben told Locke he would need to sit down before he told him…

Picture above: Harper played by Andrea Roth. She played Denis Leary’s wife on Rescue Me.

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  1. I like these recaps of lost. Sometimes its hard to catch every detail and it’s confusing. But I’ll read your post and get all the info I need.
    Lost no more

  2. Anonymous…thanks for letting me know. I will continue to put them up for ya then. Although, I have taken away the anonymous feature, sorry.

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