Lost: Episode 407

All sorts of revealing things in this episode. We find out whose ship it is, the last of the Oceanic Six, who the spy is, and what the crew is doing there…Not too bad for an episode focusing on Sun and Jin.

Sun and Jin Island Story
Sun sees Jack and Kate return and questions Kate about what happened. Kate tells her about the gas and all that stuff from last week. Sun goes to see Daniel and asks him if they are here to rescue them. He says that is not up to him.

Sun tells Jin that they must get supplies and defect to Locke’s camp. She does not trust the new group. Jin says he will do anything for her. Juliet tries to stop her because of the imminent death during pregnancy. Sun does not believe her. Juliet then tells Jin that Sun is sick and in danger. When this does not deter him from her side, she says that Sun had an affair. Jin is upset and leaves.

During his anger, he grabs his fishing pole and heads off to the beach, Bernard asks if he can join him. Jin says yes. While they are out, Bernard talks about Rose’s cancer and how she still wants to leave the island even though the island cured her.

Jin returns to Sun and says that he knows that the man he once was deserved to be cheated on and that she would never cheat on the new Jin, blah blah blah. He asks her if the baby is his and she says yes.

Jin’s Flashback
The reason I know this is a flashback and not a flashforward are a few reasons: 1) Jin’s hair (it looks like it did during the old flashbacks)…2) Jin’s cellphone, very old. 3) Plus any of you Chinese Zodiac nuts out there would probably notice that the shopkeeper said that this was the Year of the Dragon (which would roughly make it 2000 or 2012), 4) No one calls him one of the Oceanic Six…

Anyways, in this flashback, Jin must deliver a stuffed panda to the Chinese Ambassador’s daughter (?)…The entire flashback makes us believe that it’s a flashforward and that Jin is going to see Sun. It turns out not to be true, and we get to have a few very comedic moments of Jin chasing a taxi that has his panda, screaming “I will hunt you down and rip off your head!”

Sun’s Flashforward
Sun goes into labor and as they take her into the hospital someone says “Is that her? One of the Oceanic Six?” She tells the doctor they need to get ahold of Jin and that he needs to be there.

That’s what makes this whole thing so brilliant, they interlace the flashbacks and flashforwards to make it seem like Jin is on his way to see Sun giving birth.

At the end of the scene, we see Sun getting ready and there is a knock at the door. She opens it and there is Hurley. He holds the baby (Ji Yeon, which was the name Jin picked on the island) and says they should go see Jin. They go to a cemetery and we see Jin’s gravestone.

So, we now know the Oceanic Six includes: Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid, and Sun. Who is the last member?

Sayid and Desmond
On the ship, Desmond and Sayid meet the captain, Gault. He tells them that someone has sabotaged the engines and that his crew is getting cabin fever (apparent by Regina tying a chain around her body and jumping into the ocean)…

Gault explains that the boat belongs to Charles Widmore. They are after Ben. Gault shows them the black box from 815 and says they found 324 passengers on board. Someone (meaning Ben) went to a considerable amount of trouble to stage the crash site that the salvage crew found. This explains how Frank was able to know for certain that the pilot he was looking at, was not the man they said it was….

Desmond and Sayid are shown their room, and it has blood splattered on the ceiling. The doctor yells for the janitor, Kevin Johnson (not KJ from the Phoenix Suns, who wants to be mayor). Kevin comes over and we see who it is, Michael (you remember, Walt’s dad).

In one of the previews for next weeks show, Ben says that Michael is his spy on the freighter. What could possibly going on? Why is Michael helping Ben? What happened to Walt?

One thought on “Lost: Episode 407

  1. We find out…the last of the Oceanic Six.
    So now we know the Oceanic Six includes… Who is the last member?

    Does. Not. Compute.

    Didn’t the commercials say we were going to find out the last member in this episode? Cuz I’m pretty sure we didn’t. Not definitively anyways. The jury’s still out on Jin since he had a grave site on the mainland, while they had been burying their dead on the island thus far; so he could die after being one of the Oceanic Six.

    I still want it to be Walt though. Mainly because he has powers, so when they get back to America they can link the show up with Heroes and he and Micah can become the wonder twins. And Jack Bauer is their nemesis.

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