Lost: Episode 408

This was an okay episode. Definitely glad they did not choose this to be the season finale though, which I guess was originally talked about. We learned a little bit about what Michael is doing on the freighter, but unfortunately we continue to get contrasting information, so we are left wondering, who to trust…

Tom (who knew that tough bastard was gay) tells Michael that Widmore faked the wreckage of 815 and plans to find the Island and kill everyone. Michael told Walt about shooting Ana Lucia and Libby, which obviously made Walt very proud. So proud in fact that Michael is now depressed and on the verge of suicide. Apparently the Island will not let Michael kill himself, no matter how hard he tries. Tom gets Michael a job as a deckhand on the freighter and tells him to kill everyone on board. Michael goes to use the bomb, but it turns out to be a fake.

Michael receives a call from Ben. He explains that the bomb was a fake because Ben wants to prove to Michael that he is not a monster. Ben does not want the innocent crew members dead. He wants a list of everyone on board.

After Michael finishes his little story with Sayid and Desmond, Sayid grabs him and takes him to Captain Gault. Sayid explains who Michael is and that he is also a traitor.

Back on the island, Ben tells Alex, Rousseau, and Karl to head to the Temple because he wants Alex to be safe. During a quick rest stop Karl takes a bullet and dies. Rousseau and Alex attempt to flee, but Rousseau also gets shot. Alex surrenders and yells that she is Ben’s daughter.

Who shot them? Ben’s people (perhaps Richard…) or Widmore’s crew. Who really cares about those two? Other than the fact that it provides me a chance to put up a picture Tania Raymonde…

I truly believe the people on the freighter are the bad guys, but that does not really make Ben a good guy.