Odds and Ends for Today

First thing, I want to let everyone know that I disabled the anonymous commenting feature. I like getting comments, but I also like accountability. Plus if three anonymous people respond, how do I respond back? Anonymous #1, Anonymous #2…I do not feel it is my place to rank my anonymous friends.

Second, I updated the Labels section. I streamlined it so it is not just a huge list. You can actually look at it and maybe even use it.

Third, my brother started a blog, yet has not posted anything yet. Send him Facebook, MySpace, AIM, or Text messages telling him to write something. If not, I will put up an embarrassing picture of him.

Number 4: I want everyone to make their baseball predictions. I am putting this here so it does not get lost down the page. I know how hard it is to scroll down.

Five: When I put up a poll question, you should at least give an explanation as to why you voted the way you did. Any moron can press a button, “ooooh, a button, me pressy.” Let me know why you think the Pirates will finish with however many wins you think. I will leave my reasoning in the comments as well.

Sechs: I love Google Analytics (haha, ANALytics). It makes me happy that people in Sweden are checking out my site. I just wish they would comment, especially in Swedish, my curiosity would get the better of me and force me to learn new languages just to read my comments. Yes, I am weird.

///////: Anyone want to move to Guam with me?
XXX: What does porn-star Amy Reid have to do with any of this? Absolutely nothing.

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends for Today

  1. i would consider chilling some place like guam after september of this year. i’ll get my first real vacation in years, and i will have a salary that will afford me the opportunity to actually spend money.

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