Poll Results

70% think only hot chicks should wear body paint. Pretty reasonable. Most of us guys do not want to see some 300 pound ugly chick in body paint…ugh.

20% said no all together. Probably some girls.

10% said yes. This scares me. Who is this one person who would be okay with the 300 pound ugly chick?

New poll question: How many wins will the pirates have?

I think the season would be much better if they had girls like this at the games…

One thought on “Poll Results

  1. Let me explain my vote. I said less than 70 wins this year. Last year the Pirates won 68 games and during the off season, I did not see them significantly improve.

    How can that team go out and win between 70-80 games? If everyone plays beyond their last year numbers? That is asking way too much.

    My guess is that Jason Bay will improve from last year, and by trade deadline be shipped out for a few decent prospects (at least that would be the smart thing to do). Also, if Pearce continues to play at spring training like he has, the Pirates better get rid of Nady and start Pearce. Pearce’s projections on just about every site I have seen, have him as good, if not slightly better than Nady. Pearce can only get better, Nady is as good as he gets, and probably going to start declining…

    Pitching: Gorzo and Snell are good, but what else do we have? Duke is done, Morris is older than my dad. Yes, we have Matt Capps, but we have to have a lead in the 9th for him to come out.

    Middle relievers? This season will be almost identical to last season.

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