Best Part About the Stacks

I saw many of my Penn State friends with masturbation links in their AIM profiles and just figured they were giving me subtle hints at what to do after work. Then I go to WithLeather, and what do I see? A PSU basketball player gets caught at the library masturbating behind some girl.

Honestly, who hasn’t been down in the Stacks, saw some hot chick and decided to rub one out? Oh, just me and that dude? Thank god I never got caught. I hope they do not put tons of camera’s down there, I still want to fulfill my fantasy of having sex down there, preferably in the EE section…especially if it’s with this girl. Believe it or not, I had a bunch of Anthropology classes with her, she was really hot and pretty cool, came off kind of like a hippy chick. I do not want to put up a naked picture of her, so I will just put up a hot picture of some other chick that I do not know, that I would also do very dirty things to down in the stacks…

UPDATE: Apparently it is not a good time to be a Penn State Public Masturbator Student Athlete (PSPMSA). Nice to see even after they leave PSU they continue jerkin’ off in public. Brings a tear to my eye.