Comic Stuff

It has been awhile since I talked about comic books at all and I figured tonight would be a good time to share with you some of my feelings. The last few years we have seen both DC and Marvel bring out the mega-crossovers. One company has been pretty good and the other pretty much sucked.

It all started with DC giving us Identity Crisis, which completely kicked ass. The DCU barely had time to flesh out all the stories following the book when we were given the crapfest known as Infinite Crisis.

During that same period of time Marvel gave us House of M and then Civil War, both of which rocked and completely fit together and made what is coming up next make more sense.

In between the previous event and the newest event, each company put out a kind of mini-event, DC: Countdown; Marvel: World War Hulk. WWH, pretty sweet book. I mean come on, Hulk leads a small army of super warriors against NYC in order to punish puny humans for sending him into space…

Countdown, we get to see Jimmy Olsen try to figure out was his new powers are. Seriously, we are counting down to how long you fall asleep while reading each issue.

Countdown leads into Final Crisis. I really have nothing to say about it, I am not very excited, but Grant Morrison is writing the thing, and said it will have to do with something he touched upon in Seven Soldiers/Mr. Miracle.

Marvel brings us Secret Invasion, which I am super pumped about. Brian Michael Bendis writes it and has been leading up to this for a few issues in both of his Avengers titles. The New Avengers discover that the Elektra they had been battling is actually a Skrull (a group of shape-shifting aliens) when she is killed by Maya Lopez.

This causes everyone to kind of panic and distrust sweeps across the team. Jessica Drew gives the body to Tony Stark, and he quickly realizes that he cannot trust anyone on his team, especially when his secret group, the Illuminati proves to have a Skrull amongst them.

Some of my predictions: Sue Richards (Invisible Woman, Reed’s wife) will be a Skrull. Henry Pym, Black Panther, and probably your mom. I cannot imagine any other really big guns coming out as Skrulls, but it is Bendis, so who knows.

In conclusion, I believe that Marvel has blown DC out of the water the last few years and it looks like another big Marvel year for us.