Fantasy Baseball Week Four

Well my week started off okay. Seemed to be doing alright, winning, then tied, but my team was playing well. Then the weekend hit and my guys decided to stop playing I guess. I went from down by like one to losing 10-0. This drops me to 8-30-2. I honestly have nothing to say. My pitchers do okay, just get no wins, my hitters struggle over the weekend, but are great during the week. Frustrating.

Good news though, Jonathon Broxton may get bumped to Closer…that would be nice.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week Four

  1. hey. this is not about baseball. i will not be able to reserve a spot this year… since i won’t start at the firm until sept 1, i can’t take any vacation til after the first of the year, and then i get two weeks.

    so… i’d like that this became something of a tradition that i could pick up on in year 2.

    i’ll be doing nothing for two weeks after my Bar and Pro Res exams before i start working, so i’m sure i’ll show up somewhere.

    also… you heard it hear first… i am going to need you to take a weekend off in late august for my graduation/birthday/bar exam is over party. i’m going to invite everyone i can! so old friends be prepared! this is the biggest accomplishment i’ve ever done thus far, so i want to have a time that reflects that. hence i’m going to set the date early.

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