Fantasy Baseball Week One

It’s that time of year that only like three other people care about: Fantasy Baseball Results!

Offord pretty much bent me over and raped me. Although, it was not the kind of hardcore prison raping you are picturing, it’s more like the drunk, passed out, just slip it in because we are friends raping…okay, that was a bit creepy, sorry.

Anyways…he beat me 7-3-0. The three categories I won (SBs, Ks, SVs) were actually decided by a pretty good margin. The categories in which I lost were all pretty close. What does this mean? I put up a pretty good fight, my team just did not perform up to expectations.

Offord did own me in Wins, but as I look at my pitchers, most of them had pretty good outings, but did not get the win (i.e. Cole Hamels). The two pitchers who cost me the most were Gil Meche and Roy Oswalt, their ERA and WHIP helped skyrocket my totals.

Hitting wise, well my AVE sucked, Kendrick rocked all week, but that’s about it. Cabrera is playing horrible right now and it is really killing me.

I dropped Soto in favor of Ryan Doumit and Gil Meche for Johnny Cueto. I really need to either pick up someone with a bunch of available positions, or trade one of my bench outfielders (either Hunter Pence or Jermaine Dye).

Well that wraps up the first week.