Fantasy Baseball Week Two

Oh for the love of god, make it stop! My team has decided to hit pretty much below the Mendoza Line the past two weeks. I know it will not last, but I am still just falling further into the hole.

I picked up Evan Longoria. I may try and trade Cabrera for some kind of closer. JoeBlowrowski is killing me with his 86 MPH fastball. At this point I have given up on saves and just picked up more starters. Figure I will corner the market on wins, use Zach Greinke from the RP position. At some point someone may want another a starter and I will force them to come to me…

This week I play Imler, whose team has like 900 HRs already this season. I am confident that I will not get destroyed. Current record: 4-15-1.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Two

  1. Hey if you’re thinking of picking up some people off the waivers… let me know who you are looking at. There are some decent looking shortstops and outfielders in my ESPN league, so I am guessing it is similar for your yahoo league.

  2. Zig…I’d say pick up Nate Mcclouth. The big thing right now is to watch for people dropping players who are struggling. Someone may drop Adam Dunn, or Hunter Pence (actually I dropped Pence), but those guys will turn it around, especially if you have bench room.

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