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Over my vacation I mentioned that I read two books. Ryan recommended them and he has pretty similar taste as me, so I picked the first two up The series is called the The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. The two books are called, The Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged.

If you like fantasy novels with awesome descriptions of battles and vicious fight scenes, well this book is for you. If you enjoy nice things and books that do not describe cleaving a man in half with a sword, then you may want to steer clear.

Without giving a bunch of stuff away, I have decided to go a different route today. I will do a movie casting for some of the main characters.

Logen Ninefingers
Logen is a barbarian from the North. Fortunately though, Abercrombie does not make him a carbon copy of Conan. Logen has seen many battles and is fearful to be in them. He realizes that fear is an okay trait. He acts like he does not want to ever see a battle again, but as soon as the fighting starts, he goes into a berserker rage and thats when the bodies start piling up.

My Choice: Ray Stevenson

Captain Jezal dan Luthar
Jezal is young, very attractive (all the ladies swoon for him) and very good at fencing. He is about to compete in the fencing contest that can help propel his career. He believes he is much better than anyone who is not of nobility and definitely feels he is a step above a barbarian like Logen.

My Choice: Jonathan Rys Meyers

Inquisitor Sand dan Glokta
Glokta was once like Jezal, only better. He was the Contest winner, he went to war as a Colonel. Everyone loved him, he was rich, arrogant, and felt he was much better than everyone because of his birth, unfortunately two years in a Gurkish prison being tortured everyday will change your mind about things.

Now he is the torturer for the Inquisition, his body is crippled, his smile busted because of a lack of teeth and the ones he has are pointed and broken.

My Choice: Edward Norton

Bayaz, First of the Magi
The oldest of the Magi, a man who must be hundreds of years old. He is mysterious and powerful, but as everyone who sees him says, he does not look like the most powerful Magi. He looks a bit like a butcher is how Logen describes him.

My Choice: Derek Jacobi

Major Collem West
West is a commoner who rose up and won the Contest and was also the first through the Breach at a Gurkish War. He became friends with Glokta, but that friendship dissolves over time. He now must train Jezal to be a fighter. He has a bit of a darkside to him though, showing flashes of anger that will scare even the Northmen…

My Choice: Kevin McKidd

Well that’s about it, if Ryan gets a chance to read this, I would like to hear his opinions or if anyone else has read it, or just wants to know my reasons, let me know and the comments.

4 thoughts on “First Law Trilogy

  1. Hey man, glad you’re enjoying the books, i told you it was a very good descriptive read. I have another triology for you though after you finish that one. It’s called the song of Albion by Stephen R. Lawhead, he’s like my new favorite author. The books are; book 1: the paradise war, book 2: The Silver Hand, and book 3: The Endless knot. He’s also written a newer trilogy that isn’t all out yet, just the first 2 books, but it is called the King Raven trilogy, which is a more researched based novel on the myth and legend of Robin Hood, but it is based the forests of Wales I believe. Anyways, those books are called; Book 1: Hood, Book 2: Scarlet, and Book 3 is going to be called Tuck, but that won’t be out until next summer. And how about book 3 of the inheritance trilogy coming out in a couple of months. I bet it’s going to be a let down since he had to expand the trilogy to 4 books, oh well. Back to your post though. I saw your selections for the characters if you were going to make it a movie, and I liked them for the most part, definitely not headliners, but i liked them for the most part, very interesting. I’m just surprised you didn’t name any female actors for Ferro or Ardee. Anyways here would be mine:

    Logen Ninefingers: Russell Crowe or Ray Stevenson (i agree)

    Captain Jezal dan Luthar: Ben Barnes or Eric Johnson

    Inquisitor Sand dan Glotka: Ralph Fiennes or Joe Pantoliano

    Bayaz, First of the Magi: Andrew Pleavin (with some gray) or Ray Winstone

    Major Collem West: Kiefer Sutherland or Clive Owen

    Ferro: Rosario Dawson (I have on other choice, she would be perfect)

    Ardee West: Jill Wagner (the mercury car girl) or Kristen Kreuk

  2. Kern…I will definitely have to check those books out.

    I like Kiefer Sutherland as Major West.

    While reading the books I pictured Ardee to look a bit like Kristen Kreuk. My image of Ferro was like no actress, but I guess Dawson could work…

    I like the Andrew Pleavin choice. Give him a gray beard and he’s a good choice. Bayaz is a hard one to cast, you want someone older, but not like Christopher Lee or Ian McKellan old…

    Haha, for Glokta, I kept picturing the Professor from Futurama…

  3. haha very nice on the glotka image…i also sometimes pictured jafar dressed up as the old man in Aladdin. But ya, definitely check out the song of albion trilogy, it has to do with with celtic lore and stuff, it’s another smart read. I’m almost done with the second one and i just started reading it 2 days ago (im a slow reader so it’s kind of a big deal) Later…oh ya, the next time i’m available anytime to leave maryland, i’ll be going up to state college sometime in july if you’re free. catch ya later

  4. I should be up in State College middle of July, one of my weeks of vacation is then.

    when are you moving back to pittsburgh? If it were relatively soon, I would say let’s get a place together.

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