Lost: Episode 409

I am so glad this show is finally back. A month or whatever was way too long. Very action filled episode, definitely a few moments of “holy shit.”

The Assault
Locke, Hurley, and Sawyer are playing Risk (best board game ever) when the phone in Ben’s house rings. Locke answers it and gets a recording saying “Code 14-J.” They immediately get Ben, who freaks out and says they have to leave because they are about to be attacked. They fortify Ben’s house, but Sawyer leaves to get Claire. On his way, some of the random people in the group get shot down and when he gets to the house, a rocket blows up the house. He goes inside and finds Claire hurt, but not dead.

Sawyer carries her out and makes his way back to the fortress, but needless to say no bullets touch him, but they always hit their mark when it comes to an unnamed extra. After awhile there is a knock at the door and it is Miles. He has a radio and he says that the shooters have Alex. Ben looks out the window and sees Keamy holding a gun to Alex’s head.

Keamy says if Ben gives up, then no one else will die. Ben tells Keamy that he knows what kind of person Keamy is and that he knows Keamy is lying. Keamy tries to deny it, but Ben then gives Keamy’s military history and how he became a merc in Uganda. Always awesome that Ben knows everything about everyone. Ben says that Alex is not his daughter and she means nothing to him. He then tells Keamy to leave the island and to forget about the place. Keamy shoots Alex in the head.

A very shocked and then pissed off Ben goes to his secret room, shuts the door and reveals another secret passage. Sawyer is beating on the door, but then Ben comes back out. He says they must run towards the tree line and get away from the house. When they do, the Smoke Monster comes out of nowhere and kills all the soldiers. Ben stops off to kiss Alex on the forehead.

Locke asks Ben why he lied about the Smoke Monster, but Ben says they must go to Jacob and he can explain about the Smoke Monster. Sawyer says that he, Claire, the baby, and Hurley are going back to the beach. Locke says that Hurley must come with them because he is the only one who can find Jacob’s cabin. Hurley agrees, but Sawyer leaves Locke with a nice threat: “You harm one curly hair on his head, I will kill you.”

The Beach
The group finds the doctor from the freighter washed up on the beach, his throat has been slit. Daniel says he knows the man. Daniel also says he can rig the sat phone to send/receive signals, but they could only be in Morse Code.

Jack is sick, and the only thing I can figure is this is where he gets addicted to pills. Anyways, Daniel fixes the phone and sends out a message. As he gets his message back, he says that they are sending the helicopter right away. Jack looks at Bernard, who then says that Daniel is lying. The message really said that there was nothing wrong with the doctor.

Daniel has no explanation and Jack pounces on him. Daniel then informs him that they never planned on rescuing the survivors…

Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Two men come at him with guns, but he kills them both. He goes to Tunisia and checks into a hotel under a preferred guest name, Dean Moriarty, a character from Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road. If you click the link, the picture on the cover looks like Ben when he shows up at the hotel.

Later we see Ben in Iraq and he is following Sayid, who is attending the funeral of Nadia. Sayid sees Ben and thinks he is paparazzi. When Sayid attacks him he realizes it is Ben and wants to know how he got off the island. Ben says he used Desmond’s boat, but we saw him wake up in the desert and one of the questions he asked the hotel clerk was, what year is it?

Ben explains to Sayid that Nadia was killed by a man working for Charles Widmore. Ben begins following the guy and is making it way too obvious that he is following him. The guy ambushes Ben and wants to know who he is. Ben tells him to take a message to Widmore, just then Sayid shoots the man. Sayid wants to join Ben’s crusade to kill all these men, but Ben uses some nice reverse psychology to really get him gung ho involved.

The flashforward ends with Ben going to the Penthouse suite of Charles Widmore. Widmore asks if Ben is going to kill him, and Ben says no, but he should not have broken the rules by killing Alex. Ben says that he will kill Penny in return, but Widmore says that Ben will never find her, which Ben retorts that Charles will never find the island. As Ben leaves, Charles says the island belongs to him.

What does that mean? Did Widmore visit the island once and cannot find it’s location? At least we now know how Ben was able to convince Sayid to become his hitman.

Still nothing about the Statues, nor about the last member of the Oceanic Six…

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 409

  1. I, too, have missed this show; though I have enjoyed the increased leisure time its absence has afforded me.

    The death of Alex came as a surprise. Ben reacted the same way I always said I would if in a hostage situation. It’s a shame this is further proof to the folly of that line of action.

    Still no explanation as to what the smoke monster is. All we know is that it has a cell phone.

    Daniel is becoming more of an enigma. Initially I thought he was an unwitting bystander caught up in all of this, but more and more I’m beginning to think he’s a major player. Very major.

    I’m not so big a fan of the flashes anymore. I used to like them as much as, and sometimes more than, the island storyline, but now that they seem so random and just add more questions to the ones already present just annoy me.

    And don’t we already know the oceanic 6? jack, kate, hurley, sayid, sun, and aaron.

  2. Gideon…I thought Aaron did not count, since first, they lied and said it was Kate’s (unless it Kate’s), plus that would make it a feel good story, “one of the Oceanic Six had a happy moment on the island” or something like that.

    I am guessing that the Oceanic Six will be six passengers on 815…

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