March Madness Pool Results

Kansas wins the tournament and causes massive upheaval in our pool. Gideon was winning, but Offord and Meinecke were close behind. In order for Gideon to win, Memphis had to win. He had North Carolina beating Memphis, which meant he could get no points, but neither could Offord or Meinecke. I guess Offord was also eliminated from winning it as well, since they both had Kansas winning.

I went from last place to fifth place (out of eight, not too impressive). So congratulations to Meinecke, next time I see you, I will buy you a beer as a prize.

2 thoughts on “March Madness Pool Results

  1. Nah, I would’ve lost regardless, because James had Memphis winning. So I was rooting for a meteor to level the entire arena.

    In my work pool though, where $ was actually involved, I was also in first heading into the championship, and would’ve won if Memphis won. Needless to say, I wept that night.

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