Sports Stuff

While I was sleeping today, some very interesting things happened in the Pittsburgh sports world.

-The Penguins win 2-0 to take a two game lead over the Rangers. Right now they are playing excellent hockey and hopefully go all the way.

-The Steelers drafted some interesting players. The early choices, Mendenhall and Sweed are both pretty good picks. Mendenhall should be a decent back who can help Parker out and Sweed is the tall receiver Ben wanted.

The pick I am more interested in is Dennis Dixon from Oregon. That kid was absolutely awesome last year, but I never imagined him coming to Pittsburgh. If his knee is healthy, you could become a fun trick play kind of guy or maybe even the eventual backup to Ben, since Batch will not be around forever…

-The Pirates beat the Phillies 5-1. McLouth hit two homers today (obviously I chose not to start him on my fantasy team), Maholm pitched a two-hit complete game, and I was offered tickets to the game last night at work, but could not go since I knew I would never wake up for it. Getting home around 8 a.m. and then trying to go to a game at 1:35? Not going to happen.

-In other Pirates news, Matt Morris has been released. Morris has been absolutely terrible this season and is the constant reminder of how bad Littlefield was as a GM. WHYGAVS has a great story about it and about how we should not judge Morris or blame him, he went out and tried, but unfortunately the guy no longer has it anymore.

That’s it for me, I must now head to work and hope one of the Pirates pitchers comes in again…