Super Long Poll

This weeks poll is for the guys (and also for super, sexy girls who like to look at other girls). Who do you think is the hottest comic book girl out of this grouping? It does not matter if you read comics, or what their powers are, or who would win in a fight. What matters is which of these girls would you definitely want to bone if they were real, or you were inside of a comic book?

Wonder Woman

Black Canary

Emma Frost

Aspen Matthews

Invisible Woman

Caitlin Fairchild

Black Cat




Spider Woman

Power Girl

This is a tough choice for me, one that I will ponder over for a few hours. I originally wanted to use a site that Wizard uses for real girls photoshopped to look like these chicks, but unfortunately I could not find it, but do not fear, I will and when I do, I will post something about it.

6 thoughts on “Super Long Poll

  1. I refuse to vote until you include at least one of the other Gen 13 girls or at least change the picture of morgan fairchild. Was that really the best one you could find ?

    I decided to go and find my own and in the process ran into

  2. Adam…I probably could have found a better picture, but maybe I used the one I did to help influence people’s decisions…

    As for the rest of the Gen13 girls, well sorry, Fairchild was the hottest, in my opinion, and she does not stack up with some of the other super hotties out there.

    I could have added about a 1000 more, but decided for the sake of time and effort to just limit it these ones.

    Hell, I forgot to include Dawn, who hangs from a sexy poster in my living room.

  3. fair enough … it just made me sad … i mean hell rainmaker was a lesbian so you could have made it a two for one deal .. but that might influence peoples choices

    anyway… sorry those links dont work … stupid internet

  4. If we want to take things like that into account, than Spider Woman obviously wins, she gives pheromones that cause men to get horny and want to have sex with her. SO, she’d probably use that power to influence our voting…

    Interestingly enough, plenty of pervs voting for supergirl, she’s a minor guys, you are all going to jail.

  5. Adam…it’s Caitlin Fairchild, I do not know where you keep getting morgan? Wasn’t Morgan Fairchild a hot actress in the 70s?

  6. haha .. yeah … i don’t know where the hell that came from either. Sometimes I’m a little mentally handicapped.

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