Vacation Time

Due to such a long tenure at my current job, I have three weeks of vacation this year. I have already picked my dates. One is coming up in about a week, the second is in July around my brother’s birthday, and the third and final vacation happens in the beginning of October, around my birthday.

What is the significance of this? I want to go somewhere. I have not been anywhere since my trip to Jordan, unless you count a weekend trip to Michigan. I want a real vacation. I am open to suggestions, but I would really like to go on a cruise. One of the cheap like 4 day kinds to somewhere in the Caribbean.

Normally I would say something like this and a few people would say “yeah, we should do that”, but this time I am going to actually tell you people this: anyone is invited. We just need to set it all up. I am going to list people, this does not mean you are not invited if your name is not mentioned just that these are the people I can think of at the top of my head:

-My Brother
-Mr. Killarny

These are some of the things I hope to get out of this vacation: lots of pictures, lots of sex, lots of booze…hopefully all of those things in one scenario. I think going on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico would be pretty sweet because they have Mayan ruins, which would be great for me, and everyone else could go scuba diving or some shit.

I want an adventure. We could do something random, like catch a flight from Florida to one of the small Caribbean islands and just sleep on the beach, whatever. I have already begun saving some money for this, so please do not disappoint me. And yes, if need be, I will go it alone, but I do not want to.

Things I do not want to do: go to Canada, go anywhere that is not extremely warm and features chicks in skimpy bikinis, stay in Pennsylvania. I am sure the rest of you are absolutely sick of where you are at and would love to do something, well most of us are nearing the end of our 20s, and the majority of us live far apart, this could be the last chance we have at one final adventure.

Okay, sorry about the ranting. I just want you to understand how dead serious I am about this.

Are we going to see this kind of girl sitting at home?

I hope to hear from everyone in the comments, on myspace/facebook, AIM, cellphone…however you want to get in touch with me.

17 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Maybe you should change your vacation to Novemeber. We are planning a cruise to Cozumel on the 13th of Nov. We would need to leave here on the 12th and fly in to Tampa. We can stay at Claudias and Johns. We leave Tampa on the 13th and return the 17th. We would fly back the 18th or late on the 17th.Claudia’s son John is in the travel business ( one of his jobs)and he can get us a good price. You will need a passport and I would suggest getting it now, it takes a while. The total for the cruise is $341. You will need a $25 deposit by the end of April. $150 by the end of July. Let me know ASAP

  2. I will ask Scott in the morning if i can change my vacation around…

    I already have a passport, I went to Jordan and Egypt. I have had it for 5 years now.

  3. hey, i’d be up for this. but i have to talk to the firm about my schedule in october. that’s about when my bar results come back, and i’ll only have been at the firm for 1 month. i’m not sure i can actually do it this year, but next year i think we should do it. i’ll have a good bit of money by then too.

    i can’t go in july because of the 2 day exam of doom, more commonly known as the bar exam.

    i would personally love to take a cruise. many of my friends know that i love the ocean (but not the beach), and i want to be out on the sea.

    as my schedule clears up and things are finalized with the firm i’ll keep you posted.

  4. I’ve got 2.5 weeks of vacation time I’ve gotta blow before June 30, but next week is not an option as of press time. Because I would’ve taken 2.5 weeks off sometime in the next 2 months, taking off in July may not go over well.

    There’s a similar conflict in the fall. I’ve already got plans to head down to Texas in the middle of September, so taking off again at the beginning of October may be frowned upon.

    I am down for a cruise though…

  5. Jason and Gideon…I am seriously considering doing the cruise with my mom in november, would that work for either of you?

  6. I start a new job at the end of this month and couldn’t take a vacation that soon….but I will have three weeks of vacation to use by the end of the year! I know I’ll be using one of them in September but not sure about the rest….

  7. I could maybe do the November cruise but I’d have to check with the new job first….and I don’t start until the end of April. I also don’t have a passport.

  8. Gideon and Allison…okay, we only need $25 to reserve a cabin, my mom is going to check and see how many people we can fit into a cabin. She said a few people can. I could care less how I sleep (SLEEP??? fuck that noise)

    If you do plan to go, get your passport now, it can take awhile to get it.

    I hope that you guys can do it, that would be so freakin’ sweet. Plus, Ryan might go as well…we could have a fantastic time and perhaps start a new tradition…

  9. also, I do not look like that girl in a bathing suit. and if that’s the kind of girl you’re looking for, I may scare them all away.

  10. i really really want to go on a cruise, and always have, i think you know that. Funds are a bit short at the moment, but i think my dads getting me my passport because we are going on vacation in august to the cabin in canada. I would love to go, and would starts saving now, but im not sure if it would be ok with everyone if i went. I would love to have the chance to hang out with the coolest people in the world once again before i die!

  11. I’ve been working on my beach body for a few weeks now (a steady regimen consisting of Guitar Hero and Jameson).

    So far I’m fairly pleased with the results. If this cruise thing goes through, come November I’ll be the spitting image of a young Elias Koteas.

  12. james…i threw up a little thinking about you in that bathing suit.

    allison…it’s quite alright, I am sure my drunken antics will scare away most girls.

    gideon…hmm, I have been on that same workout, except no guitar hero…

    kacie…yeah, i would love it if you came as well.

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