Vacation Update

This post comes to you live from the wonderful area of Philipsburg. I have been “vacationing” here this week and let me tell you, it has been pretty awesome. Actually it has been cool, got some stuff done (car inspected, tires rotated, oil changed), enjoyed a book (I may write about it when I finish the second one), drank some beers, and pretty much just relaxed.

Anyways, the point to this rambling post was to let everyone know that I need to know if you want to go on the cruise with me in November by April 25th. I am going, I hope you guys let me know. All we need for a deposit is like $25. It looks to be the 12th-18th.

That is all. Continue with your day.

**UPDATE** This is an update to the update, haha. Here is the link.**END UPDATE**

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