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For those of you who read my stuff before I started this blog, such as my livejournal, you may remember one of my last posts being about The Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini. If you decide to go read it you get a very long, very boring look at the similarities between the first two books, Eragon and Eldest, and the first two Star Wars movies.

That being said, I still loved reading the books and could not wait for the third one to come out. Then it was announced that instead of a trilogy there would be four books. It seemed to me that Paolini realized that his third book probably sounded a bit like Return of the Jedi and he scrapped most of it and decided to go a new route. Which is why I think in the second book there is the whole subplot about Roran, which in my opinion was the best part of the book.

The third book will be called Brisingr and comes out in September. I have read around the internet and found some things out about the book and decided to make some of my own predictions.

If wikipedia is to be trusted, and that is something that should be done very rarely, the book’s website had a spoiler up saying that “In Brisingr, Eragon will meet a god…” Sounds very interesting, especially since the elves really do not believe in gods, but the dwarves do. Remember that Eragon was initiated into the dwarves religion and was told he would find a source of strength at the Vault of Souls…could he meet the dwarf-god?

Also, the spirits Durza and other sorcerers control will be revealed, and they will not be the souls of the dead, but something else. I wonder if Eragon will learn to control them in a different way, a good way, to help him defeat Galbatorix. I do believe that he will find a way to break Galbatorix’s control over Murtaugh.

I hope they do not make Roran one of the riders. Giving him a dragon and making him like Eragon would completely detract from his story. Imagine if Han Solo became a Jedi…I like Roran the way he is, a brawler, a berserker. Using his giant hammer to reign terror upon his enemies.

Who will be the next rider is the big question…something tells me Arya because it is romantic, she and Eragon will be able to frolic in dewy fields or something together. Personally I would like to see Vanir become the next rider, since he has trained for years in hopes of having an egg hatch for him. He would be able to hop on a dragon and pretty much be a ready-made warrior to help Eragon out. But, what the hell do I know about anything. If they do not make Vanir a rider, at least bring him into the third book and let him be of some use. Maybe he goes with Roran on an adventure, teaches Roran how to hone his anger and skills…

Anyways, that is all I got and I am pretty sure the only person who will respond will be Ryan…

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  1. Ya good call…I will probably be the only one to comment. I like your predictions about arya, but i doubt it. I think they will frolic no matter what. They will make many men-elf babies and rule alegasia at the end of the 4th book. He will become kind of alagasion though he doesn’t want it, and arya will become queen of the elves and take over for her mother, and they will rule in perfect harmony. I personally think it will be vanir, because otherwise there is no real reason to throw him into the 2nd book when he was training with eragon, except to show the inferiority of the human race to the elf. Plus his sarcasm and strong belief of his race being the superior one would not surprise me if he ends up turning in the 4th book for galbatorix. That being said, I am curious to see if by some slim, i mean SLIM chance there isn’t the first dwarf chosen to be the rider, Orik! Paolini seems to make another big deal throughout the story how a dwarf has never been chosen to be a dragon rider, but with orik’s stay in elf-land i’ll call it (simply cuz i can’t remember the name), i think something may have rubbed off. I considered nasuada for the next rider but i don’t think that would make sense with her trying to lead the varden at the same time. Also something that i predict is eragon attempts to bring brom back to life from his glassy tomb. It has been discussed that bringing people from the dead by magic is a big no-no with the amount of energy needed to bring someone to life will sap all the energy out of the living vessel, but what if eragon is beyond that kind of strength, kind of like an ultimate jedi. I know it’s a stretch, but why else would he be cased as if he were snow white waiting for, in this case a hairy princess, to kiss him awake, my guess is this is how orik becomes the next rider (not really, i’m just tired right now and feel like an absurd prediction). Orik assists in some way with eragon with the resurrection of brom, and hence brings about the encounter with the dwarf god that you are predicting, though i haven’t kept updated with the predictions of the inheritance story and a god being present, but if this is going to happen i think it happens something like this. Oh and the by the way, to bring up another trilogy, the first law trilogy book 3 by joe abercrombie comes out this same month, what’s your predictions with that? Oh and nice week against me by the way, i’m surprised it was as close at it ended, i had a lucky weekend to end up with the virtual tie.

  2. I just finished reading Eldest last week. I’d had it on my shelf for a while, but after having heard that Brisingr was coming out in September, I had to pick it up. I really liked it. The Roran subplot worked, Galbatorix wasn’t Eragon’s father like I’d feared, and although some parts of the book really followed formulas more than I’d have liked, the magic system was well-worked out. You can see what other source materials he borrowed from, but that’s standard in fantasy writing. Paolini borrowed from Robert Jordan for one, and Jordan borrowed from everyone from Frank Herbert to J.R.R. Tolkein.

    Anyway, It’d be very cool if Eragon breaks Galbatorix’s control over Murtaugh – kind of like Luke turning Anakin back to “the good side”. I do hope that Arya and Eragon don’t get together though. It’d be a nice twist. And no frolicing. Vanir as a rider would be very cool.

    Did you also get the feeling that Brisingr won’t be the last book?

  3. Greg…from what I have read, Brisingr will not be the last book. That’s why the it took so long to come out because it became very long and he was having troubles tying up plot threads, so he decided to go with a fourth book.

  4. That is quite true. I have not read the Harry Potter books, but it seems like when people anticipate an ending for that long, they usually ends up being a let down, same with the Sopranos…those were the first two things that popped into my head.

    Actually I guess Sin City could be considered that way too, first 3 or 4 books are great, then after that it goes downhill.

  5. Thanx buddy for this wonderful blog of yours.
    if by any chance u get n pdf of this book plz do forward it to me
    It will be of very help to me.
    Thx again.

  6. maktub…glad you enjoy it. unfortunately I am not big into the whole PDF format for books, I’m old fashioned and like to have the book in hand.

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