Fantasy Baseball: Week Five

Holy rat farts! I actually won. I beat G-Dizzle 8-2, bringing my season record to 16-32-2. The only two categories I lost were AVE and SVs. It was nice to finally have a week where my players performed to expectations. I was nervous because I missed out on the two HR games from both McLouth and Pence, but it did not cost me anything.

This week I play against Ryan. He is in second place, with a very strong team, if I can beat him then this season could seriously turn around for me.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball: Week Five

  1. It’s pretty clear why I lost. My guys are woefully underachieving right now. I mean, V-Mart and Jeter both have zeroes in HRs and SBs. Soriano was injured for 3 weeks. Harang’s sub-3 ERA and WHIP of 1 has garnered him 1 win thus far. Sabathia’s troubles have been well documented already.

    That and the fact that Josh cheated.

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