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As I have said before, I love using Google Analytics for this site. I like looking at the map to see where everyone comes from. Obviously the majority is PA, but plenty of other folks outside the state and even some out of the country find their way here.

Many of the people I can figure out, for example Houtzdale I am guessing is my mom and brother, since they have a heavy majority of the PA hits, or NYC is probably Gideon. Colorado=Greg Howley…you get the idea.

Unfortunately, there are some that I cannot figure out. It would not bother me, but they seem to be avid readers, like more than 5 visits to the site, or they spend a good deal of time at the site. I do notice I get many Google Image results, since I post a lot of pictures, in fact a girl I know IMd me to tell me that when she searched for Sara Shahi pictures, my site comes up on the first search page, I thought it was pretty cool.

So, here are a list of the areas that visit here, if you want to remain anonymous, that is fine, but it would be cool to know who some of my readers are that do not post comments.

Byrnedale: 31 Visits.
Curwensville: 27 Visits.
Warriors Mark: 24 Visits.
Strattanville: 15 Visits.

Atlanta: 16 Visits.

New York
Long Island City: 9 Visits.

Weston: 9 Visits.

Anyways, this post obviously has no entertainment value, so you know what that means? Hot chick picture.

Photo Courtesy of FHM

6 thoughts on “Google Analytics

  1. They do use state college and university park. the houtzdale thing is probably where your internet cable company has its servers? maybe…

  2. The LIC one is still me. That’s where my office is, in Queens. I still don’t know why Queens is the only borough in the city in which each neighborhood gets its own post office designation.

    Each other borough keeps the borough name (say, when you’re mailing something, you’d address it “Bronx, NY “zip”). But Queens has to be silly. It’s not like it’s bigger, size-wise nor population-wise, to necessitate such a maneuver. Oh well.

  3. Gideon…do you check from other places in the city as well? I get a bunch from Brooklyn, and some from the NYC…

    Maybe I am just very popular in the city…

    BTW…i need to email you the dude’s email address about the trip. he needs your information, and can probably answer any questions you have.

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