Iron Man

Have you seen Iron Man yet? If not, I highly recommend you got out right now and watch it. Definitely one of the best comic book movies out there.

The story focuses on the origin of Iron Man, which sticks pretty closely to the original comic with a few modern changes here and there. The movie starts out fairly quickly and then slows it down to give you an idea of who is Tony Stark.

In my opinion, the best part of the movie was Robert Downey Jr. He played a perfect Tony Stark. Most of my friends know that I was a Downey supporter as soon as I heard he was picked for the part. I think he is a fantastic actor, and he pretty much has lived the life of Tony Stark (well the rich, troubled part, obviously not the Iron Man part). A much better choice than Tom Cruise, who wanted the part for years.

I read some of the complaints online and some people are saying how they hate in all the Marvel films the bad guy is always much more powerful than the good guy…Yeah, that is what makes it interesting. It would be boring to watch Spider-Man trounce Green Goblin easily, or Iron Man pummel Iron Monger for twenty minutes without getting a scratch. Stan Lee created his characters to have fantastic abilities, but also immense flaws. Iron Man has a kick-ass suit, and he is rich, but Tony Stark eventually becomes a raging alcoholic (I hope that is the direction they go in the sequel).

The only thing I found funny about the movie, not much of a complaint really, and this is a spoiler if you have not watched it, is how Obadiah Stane easily controls the Iron Monger suit after putting it on, yet it took Stark many attempts to perfect it. I was glad Rhodey did not just hop in the other suit and fly around easily.

Oh, and for those of you who saw the final clip after the credits, I predicted that scene almost verbatim to my brother before we went in: “I bet there will be a scene at the end with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and he will tell Stark that he is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that he is starting a program called The Avengers.” I did not have inside information, just read online somewhere that apparently Jackson was seen on the set of Iron Man and The Hulk. The Ultimate Universe Fury is based on Jackson, it is pretty easy to see it coming, if you are a nerd like me.

Anyways, I cannot say anything bad about the movie. I could talk about how great the FX were, or how the dialog rocked, or whatever, but instead, I just want you to go see it, and tell me what you think.

Comic Book Movie Grade: A+

4 thoughts on “Iron Man

  1. Yeah, it was definitely awesome.

    And I was thinking the exact same thing when ol’ J-Dan put on the Iron Monger suit…

    Also, I think I liked the other suit (the all silver one) more than the red and gold one…

  2. Yeah, but the red and gold one is classic. It would be like putting spider-man in a black costume first because it looks cooler…at least they used a darker red and gold. the original iron man red/gold was very bright. having more to do with the coloring of comic books, which is a completely different issue altogether…

  3. I understand. Hopefully when they put Rhodey in the other suit as War Machine, they put a little green with it, I think at one point he had a silver and green suit…

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