Josh Angry! Josh Smash!

Today I went out and did a few things, like go to the bank and whatnot. Afterwards I decided to go out to the Robinson Mall to look for a book. While I was at the Borders, I found absolutely nothing I felt like reading, so I decided to look at some clothes, and more importantly shoes.

First I start off at PacSun, and the place has no shoes, only sandals. So, I start looking at shirts and every one of them looked absolutely ridiculous. Also, apparently shorts are no longer a simple thing to buy either. They have crazy patterns all over them and are weird colors. Ugh, is it too hard to ask for a pair of khaki shorts?

Next, I head over to Journey’s. Two cute girls are working and I can see that they are about to make the move to come tell me how great the shoes are. I only see one pair that I even remotely liked, but I was not completely sure about them. As the girl got within five feet, I realized what would happen. She would tell me to try them on, and once they were on, she would start saying how good they looked on me, probably bend over a few times to help me with the laces, and I would end up dropping $75 on a pair of shoes that I would never wear. Once I played this situation out in my head, I quickly turned away from her and left the store.

I strolled into Buckle and within six seconds realized I was in the wrong store, so I strolled right back out.

So, shoes are just not in my future.