Lost: Episode 410

Sorry it took so long for me to get this up, but I did not see the episode until last night. The episode was an alright episode, but I am in complete agreement with Gideon: the flashforwards and flashbacks this season are starting to detract from the main story on the island.

Whereas in previous seasons the flashbacks were the more interesting feature, finding out how the characters got to the island and why they were each “lost.” Also seeing how they all were connected in little ways was pretty cool as well.

These will be some quick reviews of what happened.

Island Stuff
-Jack needs his appendix taken out, luckily Juliet knows how to do it.
-Operation is a success.
-Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed her, but it was a kiss that was meant for someone else, meaning Kate…
-Sawyer, Claire, and Miles make their way back to the beach. Miles shows his ability to talk to the dead by finding Rousseau’s and Karl’s bodies.
-Claire sees her father, Christian Shepherd (Jack’s dad) and follows him into the jungle.
-Sawyer wakes up and asks Miles where Claire went and he responds that she went into the jungle with her dad. They follow, but only find Aaron…

-This one starts out with Jack waking up and going to get a shower with a female, and we learn that it is Kate. Apparently he changed his mind after the trial.
-Jack asks Kate to marry him.
-Jack sees Hurly, who has a message from Charlie and says that Jack will get his own visitor soon. Jack starts seeing his father.
-Jack starts drinking and taking prescription medicine. We are seeing the fall of Jack…
-Jack asks Kate where she was all day, and she lies to him, then tells him that she had to do something for Sawyer. Jack gets angry and says that Sawyer made his choice to stay on the island…

Okay, here are my thoughts on the episode. It looks like the people who voted for Claire were correct that she will be the next to die. Is Aaron the final member of the Oceanic Six?

It is funny to me how short of a time period they have been on the island and look at all the fantastic things that have happened. Jack’s appendix, Jack gave a blood transfusion, many people have died, anyone even remember Shannon and Boone?

My new favorite thing on the show though has been the transformation of Sawyer. He was the rogue, the guy who did not want to help out, liked being the anti-Jack. Now he has become a leader and a protector. He acts like he does not care, but we see that he really does, whether it be for Hurly or for Claire.

Could Miles see Christian or did he just think Claire was crazy? Why else would you bring a guy who can talk to ghosts?

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 410

  1. I definitely think that Miles could only “see” Christian because of his affinity for interacting with the dead.

    Overall, this felt like a filler episode to me. There wasn’t much plot advancement at all. I’m sure the appendix situation will be all but forgotten come next week (with no recovery time at all for Jack, mind you), save for the relationship bit with Kate. From the commercials I really thought the standoff with Keamy was going to be more involved. It appears I was fooled.

    On a side note, initially I suspected that the only reason they put in the scene where Rousseau and Carl’s bodies are found was because of all the internet talk about whether or not Rousseau was actually dead. But now I suppose it could’ve also been to reestablish Miles’ abilities.

  2. I agree with you that this seemed like a filler. I bet money that next week Juliet warns Jack about taking it easy, and then ten minutes later something will happen and they will be running through the jungle and he will be just fine.

    Yeah, that definitely helped Miles seem like a bonafide ghosthunter…

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