Lost: Episode 411

Much, much better than last weeks episode. Plus, the episode went back to a good old fashioned flashback, which was quite intriguing.

The Ultimate Trio
After walking for a bit, the fun-loving threesome stops and realize that they are lost, each one has been following the other, Locke thinks Ben knows where the cabin is, Ben thinks Hurley does, and Hurley is following Locke…

They set up camp, and Locke has a dream where a guy Horace tells him that when he finds Horace he will find the cabin. Locke realizes that Horace must be with the other dead DHARMA people and leads the group to the mass grave. As Locke looks for Horace’s body, Hurley and Ben talk about how they were killed, and Ben says that it was not his decision, he was not always the leader…

Locke finds a map with plans to build the cabin in Horace’s pocket. As they head off towards their destination, Locke gives Hurley the option to return to the beach, but Hurley says he would rather stay with them. They reach the cabin, and Ben tells Locke he is not going inside, Hurley also decides to stay inside. Locke goes in and who does he meet? Our good friend Christian Shepherd, Jack and Claire’s father.

Locke then sees Claire and starts to ask questions, but Christian tells him that the baby is fine and is where it is supposed to be. He then tells Locke that they do not have much time, what is the one question he wants to ask. Locke asks how to save the island.

Locke comes out and Ben asks what “he” said, and Locke responds “we must move the island.”

The Freighter
Back on the ship, Keamy and his men have returned and most of them are dead or wounded. The Captain takes Keamy to see Michael, and Keamy goes to shoot him, but his gun misfires.

Later, the Captain tells Desmond and Sayid about a place they can hide because he thinks Keamy will kill them. Sayid wants to use a small boat and ferry people back and forth, the Captain agrees. Desmond tells Sayid that he has been on the island for three years and he is never stepping foot on it again.

Later, Keamy slits the doctor’s throat and then threatens Frank that he will kill everyone on the ship if he does not take them back to the island. Frank agrees and as they fly over the beach, he drops a bag with a SAT-phone in it. Jack picks up the bag and says they should follow the signal.

This one is about the birth of Locke. He was born prematurely and the nurses say he is quite a fighter. Not too interesting at first, but then there is a man staring through the door, and when the grandmother is asked who he is, she does not know. When they finally show us the mystery man, it’s our old friend Richard.

When Locke is a little older, Richard comes to visit him and asks him to take a little test. He puts some items on a table and says to pick which ones already belong to him, lock picks two things and then picks a knife, which Richard says is wrong and leaves in a huff.

When John is in high school his science teacher tells him about Mittelos Science Camp, and they want John to go. Locke says no, that he does not want to be a scientist. Mittlelos was the same company that came to Juliet, also oddly enough it is an anagram for Lost Time.

The last flashback scene is after Locke’s accident and as he goes back to his room, the orderly explains that John should go on a walkabout. The orderly is Matthew Abaddon, you know, the guy who recruited the team of scientists, and the guy who came to see Hurley. He tells Locke that after his walkabout he will thank Matthew and owe him one.

My Thoughts
What the hell is Richard? He does not age, does he just bounce through time trying to find ways to help the island? Is he kind of the avatar of the island?

I think the reason not everyone gets off the island is that as Sayid takes a group back to the ship, Locke somehow moves the island, making it impossible for Sayid to come back. Next question you might ask then, how come Desmond is not one of the Six? Or if Aaron is one of the Six, then why is it not Seven? Maybe he dies on the ship? Maybe Penny and her father pull some strings to keep him out of the media, they pretend he was a deck hand named Kevin Johnson. Who knows…The one thing I can see though, Sayid’s first pickup group would probably be Kate, Aaron, Sun, maybe Jack because of his stitches.

Keamy’s group probably kills Jin, or Jin dies heroically saving the rest of the group. Sawyer chooses on his own to stay behind, but then gives Kate a final order to take Aaron and say goodbye to his daughter. How does Hurley get on the boat though? Hmmm, something to ponder.

Oh, since I never wrote about the show during seasons one and two, here is a hot picture of Maggie Grace, otherwise known as Shannon, remember her?

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 411

  1. Other anagrams for “Mittelos” include: slime tot, lost item, silt tome, it lost me, slot mite, slim tote, and my favorite: mole tits.

    Desmond isn’t one of the Six in probably the same way Ben isn’t one of the Six, whatever reason that may be.

    Here’s a kooky idea: What if Jin doesn’t die? What if Jin stays on the island. It almost makes some sense if you think about it. Sun wants to go back to Korea, meaning that, especially with the media attention, her father will know about it and force him to resume working for him, which we know he doesn’t like to do. But, if he refuses to go back to work for Sun’s father, he’ll probably be killed. Perhaps Jin stays on the island to avoid that, even though it means separating from Sun. I think it better explains why Sun calls out his name when she is giving birth. I don’t know.

  2. Another thing I’ve been thinking about is what will be the consequences of Kate raising Aaron? In season 1, the psychic dude told Claire that she must raise the kid herself so that her goodness can influence it. What happens now that Kate has the kid?

  3. Oddly, I have been thinking about something the creators have said that some of the people who get off the island die during flashforwards. maybe they said that to throw us off, but maybe Jin dies by Sun’s fathers hand…

    and yes, did they pretty much forget about that whole psychic thing, who played such a huge part with Mr. Eko…

  4. Desmond isn’t one of the Oceanic Six because he wasn’t on the Oceanic plane. He beached a sailboat, remember?

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