Lost: Episode 412

We are winding down, two weeks from now is the 2 hour season finale. Tonight was the first part of the uber-long finale titled “There’s No Place Like Home.” The nice thing about the episode is that it answered some of my questions, and helped bridge the gap between some of the other flashforwards, or at least lay a foundation for them.

Island Stuff
The stuff happening on the island is pretty much what you would expect. Jack and Kate track the helicopter. They run into Miles, Sawyer, and Aaron, Kate and Miles head back to the beach with Aaron. Sawyer joins Jack to save the helicopter and Desmond and Sayid. Once they reach the helicopter they learn that Sayid and Desmond stayed on the ship, but that Keamy and his men will capture Ben and kill Hurley. Jack and Sawyer must go rescue Hurley. Sayid brings the raft onto the island and starts to rescue the first group, Kate returns and tells Sayid that Jack is trying to save the chopper. Sayid and Kate go after Jack and Sawyer.

As usual, things are never simple. Sayid and Kate run into Richard and the rest of the Others, which is probably much better than running into Keamy. Ben leads Locke and Hurley to the Orchid, which can move the island and gives Locke instructions on how to get inside the real station. Ben then gives himself up to Keamy, who knocks him out with the butt of his gun.

Sun and Jin arrive on the freighter and meet up with Michael. Desmond screams for Michael and when they meet up they find that the freighter is wired with C4. The best part of all of this is that the Oceanic Six are all separated right now and it is interesting to try and speculate how they will become the last survivors.

In the flashforwards we see how the Six make it back to the United States. Apparently they used a raft and made it to a neighboring island and washed up onshore at fishing village where someone took their picture.

They had plenty of time to discuss their story. They are reunited with their families, except for Sayid and Kate. Later Nadia meets Sayid outside of the press conference. At Hurley’s birthday party, his dad gives him the Camero they worked on together. Hurley is happy until he sees the odometer setting: 481516 on top, and the bottom set: 2342. He freaks out and tells his dad he does not want the car.

The final part of the flashforward involves Jack giving a eulogy at his fathers wake. Afterwards, a woman approaches him and says that she was the reason Christian was in Australia. They had a daughter together and that she was on Oceanic 815 with Jack, but she died. She tells Jack that the girl’s name was Claire. We see the look of shock on Jack’s face and the horror as he looks at Aaron and Kate. This definitely seems to be the point where Jack runs from Kate, but then comes back to her defense at the trial.

It is interesting how the flashforwards almost work like flashbacks anyways. The first one we saw showed a very crazy Jack wanting to return to the island. The early ones showed Hurley’s decent into madness…anyways, you get my picture.

Also, James brought up a good point last week: what will happen to Aaron? The psychic told Claire that she had to raise the baby because her goodness would affect the child.