Lost: Episodes 413 & 414

The season finale came to a close Thursday with a nice touch. There was so much that happened that it would be extremely hard for me to recap everything. But do not fear, I will give it a shot.

Oceanic Six
So Jack and Sawyer catch up with Hurley who is at the Orchid, Locke tries to convince Jack to stay on the island, but Jack refuses. Locke then tells him that everyone must lie about the island (this explains what happens in the flashforwards about the story they concocted). They get to the helicopter: Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and Frank. As they fly back to the freighter, Frank sees that one of the bullets hit the chopper and they are losing fuel. They begin to unload some of the excess weight, but it is not enough. Sawyer makes the decision to jump out of the ‘copter, but first kisses Kate and whispers something in her ear.

Once they get to the freighter, Desmond runs up saying that the bomb is going to explode, so they refuel and hop back in with Desmond, Sun, and Aaron. Jin almost makes it in time, but the helicopter is already in the air, and the ship explodes.

As they make their way back to the island, Ben does his magic trick and moves the island. Yes, the entire island disappears in front of everyone. With nowhere to land and almost out of fuel they crash into the ocean. Sayid saved one of the life rafts and they all climb aboard. They see a ship at night and it turns out to be Penny’s boat, she traced Desmond’s call to that location.

Jack informs everyone that they must lie about how they survived. That is the point where we see them coming up on a raft, after a week’s time with Penny and they end up some 3000 miles away from where the island actually was. Desmond and Frank stay on-board with Penny and the rest of the group paddles to the island, just like the photos we saw in the flashforward.

Ben & Locke
Ben takes Locke into the station and begins doing work, while Locke watches a training video about time travel. Locke asks Ben if the video is about what he thinks it is about, Ben replies “if you mean time-traveling bunnies, then yes John.” You have to love Ben by now.

Ben grabs a winter parka (remember when he wakes up in Tunisia, the parka he was wearing) and goes down into a lower part of the station and tells John that he must go alone, that whoever moves the island can never return. Anyone notice the odd hieroglyphics on the walls?

Ben goes into a very cold room and begins to turn this giant wheel and that is when weird things happen on the island and then it suddenly disappears. Locke leaves the station and joins the Others and Richard welcomes him and says something like “welcome home John.”

Another interesting thing to note, Ben woke up in Tunisia in 2006. It is still 2004 on the island, so he traveled into the future.

Randoms on the Island
Sawyer survives his drop into the ocean and swims back to the island, where he finds Juliet drinking rum on the beach. Charlotte tells Daniel that she plans to stay because she is still looking for the place she was born. Does that mean she was born on the island and somehow made it off? Interesting.

The flashforwards provided some very cool spring boards for future episodes. Jack’s picked up where his last season finale ended. He yells that they must return to the island and Kate comes back and yells at him. He asks her if Jeremy Bentham came to her and she says yes.

Kate later has a dream where Claire tells her not to bring Aaron back to the island. Walt visits Hurley in the nut house, and Hurley explains the reason they could not visit Walt was to protect the rest of the people on the island, which leads Walt to believe his dad is alive and he also had a visit from the mysterious Jeremy Bentham.

Sun goes to see Mr. Widmore and explains how she controls her father’s company now, but also that she and him have common interests about the island. Sayid shoots a man outside of Hurley’s asylum and goes in and breaks Hurley out. Hurley is playing chess and as he leaves he moves a piece and says “checkmate Mr. Eko.”

The last flashforward shows Jack breaking into the funeral parlor to see Jeremy Bentham. Ben is there and tells Jack that the only way to return to the island is with everyone, including Jeremy who is revealed to be Locke. How the heck did he get off the island?

I have so many questions for next season and so many things to look forward to. I do have a theory, which I will explain right now.

The island is Atlantis (I have said before that I hate this idea mostly because I hate the idea of Atlantis, but whatever), the four-toed statues will show that the people of Atlantis were somewhat different from us. I wonder if some of the Others are descendants of those people, such as Richard or maybe Charlotte? The island never sank, it just teleported in time. Maybe they have no means of reproduction, and need to find a way to give birth because of all the adverse affects of time-travel. Okay, some of these things are real straw-graspers here, but anyone have a better idea?

Kate is so hot…